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The pungent,cheesy residue build-up that gathers under the uncircumsized penis hood.
Amir was always sure to wash the fromage from his foreskin.
by Greg De Palma May 11, 2006
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A cheesy homage, as when a film-maker, writer, or artist is honoring with good humor or charm a previous artform, work, or artist that is normally considered inferior or "cheesy." A "fromage" is half mocking the original but half recreating the original's unique charm.
Kill Bill, Volumes 1 and 2, are Tarantino's fromage to the kung fu classics he grew up with.

Iron Chef America mirrors the Japanese original, but because it can't recreate the silly translations and voice-over work, it's more a serious remake than a fromage.

Alex Ross's comic book art seems to be a fromage to Norman Rockwell paintings.
by seteger kro October 19, 2005
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An expression to say when you clink your glasses together before you drink (instead of Cheers). It started as a mistake in a restaurant in Paris, where the waiter mistook "Cheers" for "Cheese" - so when he translated Cheers as "Fromage" that's exactly what we used. Since then, this new drinking term has been embraced by hundreds of people across the U.S. and Europe.
Say "Fromage" instead of Cheers whenever you clink your glasses together before drinking.
by Aimalah2 October 03, 2011
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Something that is really cheesy, tacky, or cliche.

Fromage means cheese in French.

For those who speak French, you must refrain from pronouncing fromage in a French accent.

That's so Fromage:

Upon seeing a guy buying one red rose for a girl on a date, you would say: That's so Fromage.

This place is so fromage:

When walking into a tourist trap restaurant with fake art and dressed up servers, you could say "This place is so fromage"
by Tidewater March 04, 2009
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(n.) the aftermath of an explosion, collision, smashing, or schooling
There is always a lot of fromage after a night of schooling.
by Rolls December 27, 2004
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