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They actually like Americans...sometimes a bit too much (slightly sycophantic). Filipinos are gentle often passive. They MUST eat rice with everything; it's like oxygen to them. They're full of D-R-A-M-A. They love singing, many are talented. Although development is lacking they are culturally more in tune with westerners than most other Asian nations. Filipinas are the most beautiful and loving females in the world....as long as you treat them right. Filipinos love facebook, forums, chatrooms and taking photos.They complain about their corrupt government but don't do anything about it. They cling to any famous Filipino or half Filipino that has ever lived or achieved something in which they can claim pride on behalf of the Filipino nation. Manny Pacquiao is current flavor of the month. They have a lot of potential but unfortunately due to their passive nature they have been exploited by other nations and sucked dry by corrupt politicians. Many uneducated Filipino women with no dignity are exploited in the sex industry by perveted foreigners who exchange wealth for favors. Filipinos are greatly misunderstood but they are a great people and should not be mistreated. They are usually either hard-working or lazy, they support each other. Filipinos are generous others are greedy. They like salty food and sweet food. Many are non-practicing Catholics. Many filipinos love computer games, TV, music and basketball. Filipinos strive for something better. They make great friends.
Filipinos are interesting and exciting people with many qualities good and bad.
by sunshiyong November 24, 2010
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A slang term for the Korean language.

The name 'Yogi Chogi' identifies the Korean language by the way it sounds to a Westerner.

'Yogi Chogi' is also the official language of Pokemon and friends
Student: Yogi chogi, yogi chogi, hambooger deyyyy!

Teacher: You know the rules! No Speaking 'Yogi Chogi' in my class. English only!

Student: OK Mr.Teacher, I so sorry, me no speak yogi chogi
by sunshiyong October 20, 2010
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Expressing your wild or sexy side before going in for the kill (foreplay).

Said with the rolling of the tongue 'R' sound and usually making claw-like gesture with the hand/s to imitate a TIGER-R-R!
Person 1: Raar
Person 2: Bedroom...NOW!
by sunshiyong December 7, 2010
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'keep digging' refers to when someone has just said something embarrasing or awkward and they are trying to get themselves out the situation by backpeddaling but they are just making the situation worse.

for related topic see dig a hole pass me a shovel and ground swallow me up
Frank: Hey when's the baby due?
Mary: I'm not pregnant.
Frank: Of course you're not...errr...you look really good
Mary: You're digging a hole
Frank: Uh-huh oh by the way did I forget to mention your hair looks nice
Mary: yeah? keep digging!
Frank: Ok I'll see you round...I mean around.
by sunshiyong November 23, 2010
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A typically French past-time
Claude: Hey Jean-Paul I'm bored what shall we do to kill time?

Jean-Paul: Why don't we go on strike?

Claude: Good idea, that sounds like fun!
by sunshiyong October 19, 2010
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A rare toilet phenomenon that draws crowds from all corners of the house and potentially the entire neighbourhood but keeps cisterns and pumps inactive for days.

An 'actual holy crap' has a golden glow. When one gazes upon it's beauty a choir of angels start to sing. However what really seperates this piece of poo from the others is simply miraculous.

An 'actual holy crap' unlike it's cousin the floater which just floats on the water seemingly walks across the water. In fact it almost skips!

An 'actual holy crap' does not have any political will but does have strong opinions on global issues.

An 'actual holy crap' may feign being camera shy but scientists have discovered they crave attention.

Sadly 'actual holy craps' have a short lifespan due to their abhorrent smell and suicidal tendencies.
"Have you heard about that angelic piece of crap on the news? They're saying the little fella walks on water and he has a golden glow!"....."Now that's an actual holy crap"
by sunshiyong November 23, 2010
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