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Expressing your wild or sexy side before going in for the kill (foreplay).

Said with the rolling of the tongue 'R' sound and usually making claw-like gesture with the hand/s to imitate a TIGER-R-R!
Person 1: Raar
Person 2: Bedroom...NOW!
by sunshiyong December 06, 2010
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Term for a common Chinese person.

The nation colour of China being 'red' + 'lemming' a person with no originality or voice of his/her own.

One who speaks or repeats only what he/she has been told by the state. Excessively nationalistic. A tool. A cretin.
China is goood, China amazing, China wule da world!" "Oh great another red lemming.
by sunshiyong October 20, 2010
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Ground swallow me up or GSMU is a phrase which sums up the overall desire to escape an embarrasing or awkward situation.

While the request for a time-machine might seem a more dignified approach to being swallowed up by the ground which seems a cruel fate. GSMU is more fitting to identify feelings of desperation and guilt.

for related topic see awkward, dig a hole and keep digging
Susan: OMG have you seen Jenny? She has the fattest ass ever!
Claire: You mean Jenny who's stood right behind you?
Susan: Ground swallow me up
by sunshiyong November 23, 2010
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Something someone says when they want appear aggressive or intimidating (in a positive or negative way) but has the opposite effect, inducing laughter or pity.
yeah baby, I'm a bad boy tonight...grrr


I'm really scary...grrr
by sunshiyong October 22, 2010
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They actually like Americans...sometimes a bit too much (slightly sycophantic). Filipinos are gentle often passive. They MUST eat rice with everything; it's like oxygen to them. They're full of D-R-A-M-A. They love singing, many are talented. Although development is lacking they are culturally more in tune with westerners than most other Asian nations. Filipinas are the most beautiful and loving females in the world....as long as you treat them right. Filipinos love facebook, forums, chatrooms and taking photos.They complain about their corrupt government but don't do anything about it. They cling to any famous Filipino or half Filipino that has ever lived or achieved something in which they can claim pride on behalf of the Filipino nation. Manny Pacquiao is current flavor of the month. They have a lot of potential but unfortunately due to their passive nature they have been exploited by other nations and sucked dry by corrupt politicians. Many uneducated Filipino women with no dignity are exploited in the sex industry by perveted foreigners who exchange wealth for favors. Filipinos are greatly misunderstood but they are a great people and should not be mistreated. They are usually either hard-working or lazy, they support each other. Filipinos are generous others are greedy. They like salty food and sweet food. Many are non-practicing Catholics. Many filipinos love computer games, TV, music and basketball. Filipinos strive for something better. They make great friends.
Filipinos are interesting and exciting people with many qualities good and bad.
by sunshiyong November 23, 2010
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A comment made by a third party in response to someone saying something inappropriate or embarrasing themselves in some way, thus causing an awkward silence for several seconds.

Saying "awkard" is often a remark deliberately aimed at stating the obvious to make the situation just that little bit more cringe-worthy.

for related topic please see ground swallow me up, dig a hole and keep digging
John: Hey, dumbass can't you read the sign? No dogs allowed!
Paul: er...(awkard silence) sorry sir he's new here.
John: what?
Paul: (whispering) dude the guy is blind and that's his guide dog!
John: oh.
3rd Party: awkward
by sunshiyong November 23, 2010
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