A term used in an MMO known as Flysis, or Ace Online, or Space Cowboy Online, meaning "to stop" or "slow down". A rather retarded word in my opinion, but used nonetheless.
"I'm going too fast!"
"Increase your stoppage!"
"My stoppage is broken lulz"
by pyrolord February 28, 2008
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Additional time added to the end of a soccer (football) game. Since soccer has a constantly running clock that stops for nothing, alot of "playing time" is wasted away for any these reasons: injuries, a goal scored and the celebration that follows, arguing with officials, substitutuons, red and yellow cards, and taking forever on throw-ins, free kicks, corner kicks and goal kicks. (as well as a few other posibilities)

This added time ia supposed to make up for some of that wasted time.

Stoppage time can be anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes long, but is not exact. It always just seems like the referee can stop the game randomy, and know one but him knows when the game will be final.

Person 1: I wish that soccer had a clock that actually stops when a problem arrises or nothing is going on.
Person 2: Yeah, that whole stoppage time thing doesn't make a lot of sense.
by osu fan August 10, 2006
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The extension of a lecture/rehearsal, due to the fact that the teacher/coach feels that he/she has lost his/her time to his/her student's/player's excess noise/constant insults.
Mrs. Bledsoe timed the excess noise after the saxophone section stopped playing, and added it on to the end of rehearsal as stoppage time.
by Pissed-Off Student August 10, 2010
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The feeling of sudden nervousness while watching a soccer/football match and the clock hits 90 minutes. You feel this type of way because your team either needs to score a goal or needs to keep one out. This happens in the stoppage time added to the end of the game. This is quite possibly the most stressed a human can possibly be.
Parker: You okay? You're shaking.
Aidan: No. We're losing to West Brom and we need a goal.
Parker: Ah, you have the stoppage time shivers
by Donkey AIDS December 29, 2021
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The process of being stopped
wow that was some epic stoppage dude!
by OwO_Whats_This?? April 7, 2020
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