Myspace's biggest rival. Currently very popular amongst college students in Ireland for some strange reason.
OMG a bebo whiteboard! Let's a draw a dick on it!
by OMGsplosion March 26, 2006
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Like myspace, but slightly easier to use (for those of us who are terrible when it comes to computers).
May have already dipped to myspace levels for it's overabundance of scenesters (who all preach about how they are individual and not fake), but the chavs are putting up a good fight on their part, i must admit.

Aside from the usual, they have an Authors page where anyone can submit writing they have done. most of it is terrible with no plot and poor grammar (like quizilla), but few are actually really good standard.
You can also make your own quizzes or polls, which for me is hilarious, and you can create widgets. they're like flash pictures which can be edited and whored up with stars and glitter. like photoshop.

Everybody is also free to create their own band pages, even if it's not of a real band. you can find band pages for popular cartoons, towns, characters (mr. krabs for instance), vampire obsessives (which i'm a fan of), horror movies, tim burton, my chemical romance or...Beauty Bands. Yup.

The two main types are the Chav/Trendy/Prep beauty pages, and Scene/TrashyChic/"Imperfect" beauty pages.
The trendy pages usually consist of pouting blondes, the photos taken in low level lighting and usually in the latest gear from new look, select or dorothy perkins. or bikinis/underwear, foundation. sometimes taken in the bathroom, which cracks me up a little.
The Scene pages prattle on about they will accept everybody, because "everyone is beautiful in their own way", though they sometimes have "guidlines" such as:
* individual
* have amazing, unique hair
* cool poses
* not fake
But most of the photos tend to be scene whores in garish make-up, hair that looked like it got attacked by a hair-dye-wielding electric toaster in the bath, hello kitty, clips/bows, mind boggling angles, the photos taken in low level lighting and usually in the latest gear from hot topic or some undergound alternative shop. or underwear, foundation. nearly always taken in the bathroom, which cracks me up a lot, especially when you spy a funny patterned towel or loo roll in the background.
All the "fans" of that band page would then proceed to gush over how hawt or shmexxy their hair/makeup/clothes/belt is while the ocassional sane person tells them that they are all in fact fake, attention-seeking losers. the scenesters then turn on the poor soul and batter them. not physically of course. they wouldn't want to ruin their make-up.

bebo is a lot like evesham, where i live. it may be a cesspit, but i do love it. it's got a certain charm.

i myself have a bebo. my page consists of video clips (family guy is very popular), music, photos and band pages which i am a fan of. my friends list consists of people from school, college, and those i met online. there is a page for my old highschool, which i am not a member of because my schooldays were shite and my screen name is a line i got from QI.
by unhinged since 1989 September 6, 2007
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Rival to myspace. Not the emo and i-have-8888078-friends-haven that myspace is, but more of a rival to myspace now than before. Very popular- but could it eventually dip to myspaces level? Known to be popular in Ireland.
Look bebo up yourself... I cant think of an example.
by Randall Flagg Of Scotland July 14, 2006
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A chavier MySpace.
Increasing these sorts of sites are growing in popularity.
MySpace has already had it's heyday and facebook is growing but is tres Nazi!

You can do a load of random shizzle. If you ever find out who I am, add me!
Franz Ferdinand - I have MySpace!
Churchill - MySpace is totally over, get Bebo!
Hitler - Facebook all the way!!!

*World War 2 starts*
by Hodgin8r October 5, 2007
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a site a bit like myspace but different. u can comment, do blogs, have a flash (a sort of video), upload pictures, you can draw pictures on other peoples pages (whiteboard), do polls, and have a blog. u can decorate your page with a skin
lisa:do my polls on bebo
sam:add me on bebo
by kinkyboots September 17, 2006
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a website for the chavvy youths of today, usually under the age of thirteen, who take way to many pictures wearing far to much make-up, and try to prove their popularity with the anount of loves they have.
also somewhere they can use abbreviated words in every sentence.
heyy bbzz.
gimme some love on bebo yeh hunni?
talk me back.
luv yoooo x
by hahaha lol May 29, 2009
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