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116 is a movement. People who are 116in are representing Romans 1:16 to the best of their abilities. Inspired by 116 Clique
Im on that 116 to the day I go
by 116Rebel September 14, 2010
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stand for romans 1:16 in the bible the fraze was made bye the 1-1-6 clique to show they ain't ashamed of the gospil of christ
there is no ex for 1 1 6
by Trip B August 13, 2006
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being left out during a threesome.. the 11 are fucking.. the 6 is all alone...

it also refers to being a "third wheel" or simply an annoyance.
Fucking Mark is sucha 116.

I was in a threesome but then I got 116... so I jacked off.
by apoloniuos October 22, 2008
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