A 6000 word plus short story from 2004 where it was PG rated that invoked debate in The Twilight Zone and horror based fanfiction circles whether it was original or fanfiction, as FanHistory noted it was original with characters named Serling and set in Glendale Heights in 1987. It was noted from being done from a photograph taken in 2003 when returning from Nocturna as it was sneaked on Fanfiction.net as someone fuming over a detailed pick apart the author did, the critic had the three original pieces on the site taken down. Then it was brought over to AuthorsDen and FictionPress where they remain to this day. It was noted for being tested out on Rod Serling's widow in 2004.
If you're talking about that 2004 short story where the writer of The Cabbie Homicide introduced his hometown as a Gothic Horror setting, it was strongly inspired by The Twilight Zone where he didn't swear and had characters named based on his classmates from the era. He did a narration ala Rod Serling on his then blog as a joke and next thing he had a hook, then The Statue was born. It was noted by one of his future anthology mates and contributors of the magazine for having a scare akin to H. P. Lovecraft long after they read the story. Laura Hale of FanHistory Wiki chronicled the extremely funny debates the story invoked when it was first introduced. The ex-fiancee and critics try to call this a fanfiction work when Laura noted everything in the story was his outright.
by illinoishorrorman January 31, 2018
1. A three-dimensional form or likeness sculpted, modeled, carved, or cast in material such as stone, clay, wood, or bronze.

2. A person with an exceptionally strong and "chiseled" appearance.

3. Someone of unusual stubbornness; a person unyielding despite immense physical and/or mental pain; a stoic.
"Dude, look, an eagle!"
"No, dude, that's a statue."

"That dude's a frigging statue!"
"I know, right? Check out that six-pack."

"HOLY #$%*, did I just run you over with my Tahoe?!"
"Ummm... I believe so."
by Wazakra April 22, 2010
When you see or do something that makes you want to run and update your facebook status and let all your friends know. Also can be used as "stat that"
I finally got that job I've been waiting on! I gotta status that!
by Ry-G. January 5, 2010
You have What they call A-Status. Non Like G-Status which is normally used in everyday life when someone is "Pimpin' tha Pen". But A-Status is Given by god to one of the few females that are a Ride-or-die chick. A female that is 'here to stay'.
(Ex.1) Rick James asks, "Damn. Is that a Dime?"
God answers, "No my good Sir. She's one of the few Female companions, that still have A-Status."

(‎Ex.2)A real girlfriend doesn't complain while her boyfriend is on his PS3 She sits there and yells "Omg kill him bby" :)
by xXSukMeDryXx April 21, 2011
A word that you use after another word to describe someone.
Bnay: "OMG.. look at that guy.."
Binny: "I know.. total nigg status right there.."
by you would January 13, 2007
a word used to descrtibe level of...
his legs are hella gorlia status!
- he has very hairy legs
by mad4punks October 30, 2003
A statue is a sculpture, representing one or more people or animals (including abstract concepts allegorically represented as people or animals), free-standing (as opposed to a relief) and normally full-length (as opposed to a bust) and at least close to life-size, or larger.

A small statue, usually small enough to be picked up, is called a statuette or figurine, while one that is more than twice life-size is called a colossal statue.

The definition of a statue is not always clear-cut; equestrian statues, of a person on a horse, are certainly included, and in many cases, such as a Madonna and Child or a Pietà, a sculpture of two people will also be.
Statues have been produced in many cultures from prehistory to the present; the oldest known statue dating to about 30,000 years ago. The world's tallest statue, Spring Temple Buddha, is 128 metres (420 ft), and is located in Lushan County, Henan, China.
by JONNY WAS GOODE July 21, 2017