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In Iowa -- this is prison slang for Child molestation as that's what police often use as code for a chomo. Another term for a nonce or diaper-sniper, diddler, Sandusky. Duggar, or Fogle.
Victor Salva in Iowa if he was convicted after filming Clownhouse would be dragged from a sandbox hence the term "Drug Charge."
by illinoishorrorman February 17, 2018
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What the readers affectionately called The Pattern of Diagnosis from The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five (current ISBN: 978-1-944171-38-4) and Dark Gothic Resurrected: Autumn 2007. Written on Thanxgiving weekend 2006 it became the creative nonfiction outing that's one of the most enduring of the creative nonfiction output of the owner of the light blue blog. It's known as the story Something Awful ganked in 2015-2016 as the factions said nothing about the incident -- dismissing it as a prank.

It's the story that got the roster rounding out Issue Five as it's on a place called TheBookPatch and pinterest pinned. The cover artist was an art student as it rivaled Van Gough with the cover art of this. It plays up in Oak Lawn, Illinois where Luke 10:25-37 plays up in front of the namesake's hospital in 2006. The powerful piece clocks in at 5683 words and held its own with a Pulitzer Award winning journalist who became a TOC mate from the era. The story was written after Harry Potter and The Eagle of Truthiness. It's longer than the jesus-is-saviour website founder's screed against Rod Serling.
Those who read The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five might not realize the story known by readers as The P 'o D also known as the narrative, The Pattern Of Diagnosis. The outing had been discussed on Quora about "what's the most powerful work of literature one's written."

He discusses this both on the site and on youtube on Christmas Eve 2007.

It attributes to two of his friends and a conversation on the phone with his late relatives at the time in 2006. Both publications of the story are in circulation as it was taken further on Wordpress and Tumblr taking the reader further into the story 8 years later. It could been easy something for Unshackled if it didn't have the instrumental use of strong language. The one piece that would piss off Moral Guardians because of the varied use of profanity throughout. He explains in Quora a story like that is not always about the altar call.
by illinoishorrorman July 31, 2018
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Associated Content's TOS rule where articles are warned not to employ wolf ticket taunts containing double homicide profanity, ethnic slur laced expose' and other things as Rational Wiki would coined "pissed at us" responses. These are akin to slash fanfiction writers or real person fiction of the slash variety. Ao3 got pissed at me over the 'peter puffer' response to those who write real person fiction.

One of the articles I had the wham line, "Every religion has its douchebag" as the publisher I took aim at got pissed and thrown every Italian slur at me one could think of in one single paragraph. "You motherfucking dego, greaseball wop with your wolf ticket wham line," as I even took one last poke at Fandom Wank as they linked my Associated Content profile at the time. Mindset commented on piss blogger The Rusty Nail demanding her name was removed. Associated Content closed my presence over the employment of multiple wham lines in articles as I took aim at LiveJournal user RockCandy76 over pirating my memoir as I outed him as a Wal-mart cashier. Though some of my part-time writers have worked in Wal-mart as I found a story on FictionPress called "Babies Come From Wal-Mart" with wham lines that rival The Fandom Writer.
Someone on Associated Content seeing "The Hive Mind" article --"shit he was trying to see how much he can cross the line with the double homicide wham lines in a single article. It's noted as being the first time he took aim at SomethingAwful for lifting his work and trying to turn his main character from Spectral Exile into a leatherman fag. He caught one of the blogtroll twins from Diary-X trying to do a shitty emo poem from his extremely hard true crime yarn. He's pissed. "

bugchaser gossip blogger and The Rusty Nail, "Let's screen cap this asshole wop's dribble and fuck him out of his royalties." Poppy Z. Brite when she saw him on Associated Content was pissed over his rapid barrage of wham line remarks. He crossed the line because he defied the "Don't Go There Rule."
by illinoishorrorman January 18, 2018
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Someone who lives in Florida and pretends nothing cynical happens, always looking for positive news when in Michigan someone was pulling a Betty Crocker crime as in she was making brownies with Exlax. You will known the screen names of those when you see them. Don't let them hear you say the term to their face because they know they're being insulted to the core. This one goes back to back with Florida Baptism as you see them come up together.
What is this? Okay those who expect everyone go around not swearing, speaking of taboos or disowning material that's their most well known -- expecting them to use the word 'dropsies' well sorry that's not me. Those who are the Florida Cheerful you will know it when you see it -- mention The Cabbie Homicide around them or read "Yest Ye Become One" around them and see what happens.
by illinoishorrorman December 31, 2019
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The Science Fiction Writers Association and Horror Writers Association a few days before Halloween 2010 uncovered the serial plagiarist, David "Doc" Boyer who collected 71 stories from other writers and pulled a Stephen Glass on them. This makes what Fandom_Wank is prone to seem tame as Boyer not only plagiarized from original fiction writers but also their fanfiction counterparts as he would employ his multiple personalities as their bylines. CreateSpace and Lulu.com are still selling the illicit lit and authors who caught him are still taking aim at them, one of the authors he stole from was the writer behind the controversial short story on The House of Pain.

Then scammed him with "Electrocuting the Clowns" in his first namesake project as he rebooted the project and released it on Veterans Day 2010 with six new writers and a few more from the public domain. When the Shadow Dolls Plagiarism Affair was blown wide open two plagiarism incidents on VampireFreaks were revealed and one about to happen when the latter plagiarist came from SomethingAwful. Some of the factions in the industry who were vocal about Boyer, turned around and enabled the Robert Baupader incidents to happen. Kealan Patrick Burke's fanbase were also caught with plagiarized work from the publisher who produced The Cabbie Homicide -- when Burke was called out; he was backpedaling.
Blogger on blogspot: Have you read about the 2010 plagiarism incident in the genre fiction community?
VampireFreaks user: No -- what incident is that.

Blogger on blogspot: A publisher who was scammed with two submissions coined this "Shadow Dolls Plagiarism Affair" as it went on from 2007 to 2010 as the plagiarist according to b-thoughtful pointed out every single one of the asshole's assumed named. The publisher who was scammed and later plagiarized coined "Blood in the Water" when addressing the plagiarist as it was a declaration of open season using grisly shark attack analogy for a plagiarist as it's like swimming in shark infested waters with a gaping cut in the artery. The publisher taunts him, "Plagiarize me motherfucker! Plagiarize me motherfucker, fine I am going to have a contest for your replacements. The contributors get to viscerally kill off your fucking multiple personalities you call pen names you lifted with."
by illinoishorrorman February 12, 2018
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Police term for cold blooded homicide. What the subject of The Cabbie Homicide is serving life for as the subject in the beginning of the narrative was tried for after icing his wife. The term was coined in the California correctional system as Wikipedia relates. It became prevalent in Gangsta Rap as Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre used this on their lyrics. The term pigeon in this community is a sexual putdown as chickenhead also is. The Cabbie Homicide was noted for some of the putdowns such as junkie and druggie towards the murderers.
The term 187 became noticed in California; but showed up in a ganstra rap track "Deep Cover" which was the track Dr. Dre wrote for a soundtrack, Snoop Dogg snarled the line "187 for an undercover cop." Body Count when Ice-T did Copkiller pissed off everyone including Bush 41 with the snarl "Die Pig Die, Die Die Die, Die Pig Die."
by illinoishorrorman March 12, 2018
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This one, don't use this unless you really want to get in hot water with police. Origins go back to Glenbard East 1993 and plays up in Braidwood, Illinois. It's one of the worst insults one can ever use, nastier than the mother of the f-bomb in an aggressive way.
Oh the teacher from Glenbard East, he was flagged from Facebook because they found out he was a real Rape Instructor.
by illinoishorrorman February 21, 2019
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