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Pseudo-journalistic troll website where they faithfully follow the fannish fabulist The Rusty Nail aka the assumed name of Russel Nayle on Associated Content and on Christine Morgan's so called projects that lifted my first science fiction outing. They reported some on Lostprophets lead singer convicted of baby-fuck. They're not too fond of me going back to the days of LJDrama as I took aim at them in An Eye In Shadows though this current incarnation of the piece of shit turned on it's creator, Sherrod DeGrippo aka Sherrod DeHippo to those who caught the libel queen in the act.

They lifted my then Xanga blog at the time as they were updated as I laid into my former boss when they kicked me off as I got my full catalog back at the time An Eye In Shadows fires into them as I fired into Mindset of Fandom Wank as they got their sources from this website. In the piece Bully: A Study I point out that S. E. Cox got her sources from the fucks at Fandom Wank. They're tabloid journalistic rejects who don't do their fucking homework as many in the industry took aim at me based on the information this bullshit website provided as one of the admins of Vampirefreaks also took aim at them.
I thought they were rough on me; Goddamn the pseudojournalists at Encyclopedia Dramatica took collective aim at Ian Watkins of Lostprophets as my friends from Novembers Doom had a priceless hashtag when Blabbermouth reported on them via facebook.
by illinoishorrorman January 18, 2018
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An elaborate fuck you when journalists put a beat down on a subject freight-trained is when you have an expose with abrasive language were it has the wolf ticket moments. The anger comes out when you catch someone editing your wordpress comments to make them look like a fucking suckup when in truth you did a really crushing comeback. (I.E. Mary Sangiovanni with her infamous "decades of therapy" tirade and the "I am sure she's just being nice" as she dissed a far-off friendship.)

Some of the responses have a lot of innuendo to pointing out that her entire hometown are village idiots that never seen controversy before, calling one a racist in a multi-cultural 20th Century village is asking for a witch hunt on par to the Salem Witch Trials. Pointing out to Kealan Patrick Burke how he introduced a cussing dog trope when one wrote a much harder story that was backed up by articles in Chicago Tribune spoke of the subject as well. It's also known as the takedown piece in journalism. Using this to invoke Hostile Editing to Archive of our Own's Fanlore when one had pointed out facts about some of the guilty parties of Fandom_Wank when the vlog entry appeared that was the set up for the most notorious horror story to appear in 2011 which was published in Emanations. The book I Fired God is an expose of Fundie and places Duggar on the spot.
The expose "Boycotting Truth" rebukes not only Kealan Patrick Burke but also those who ignore the contributions the author did introducing creative nonfiction to the independent press as he got published for this. He caught SomethingAwful lifting his material and one of them turned out to be a fan of Kealan's as well as a mutual follower, as his other fans called him a retard. The piece points out he told the truth about Burke and his fans got their journalistic sources about the writer on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
by illinoishorrorman March 22, 2018
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See Globalist Shill and pseudojournalistic donut-puncher. Reality TV host with no journalistic training who like the writer of The Cabbie Homicide had got in the field and developed a form of journalism but the writer of Cabbie is the Conservative example. He had some college but learned from his roster where three wrote for newspapers and another later The Huffington Post before running for office in Maine as he established his current incarnation of wordpress and got on tumblr he gives in depth insight about publications he's done and takes the readers further into the published work by finding the articles from the era.
Anderson Cooper had been a hatedom to those in underground subcultures since picking on Dave Mustaine and William Patrick Corgan. When Corgan let Cooper have it with globalist shill the media had a field day with Anderson Cooper.
by illinoishorrorman January 16, 2018
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Five year memoir of the publisher and author behind the true crime outing The Cabbie Homicide, a darker glimpse at how he was bullied and seen misinformation used as an act of bullying. One of his then future contributors who got picked up by Black Sheets Books coined this book his version of The Chocolate War as his namesake anthologies were a direct result.

The book is now with TheBookPatch as it appeared in one form on Lulu.com, Fandom_Wank tried to coin the book glorified fanfiction but he was using horror allegory borrowed from Are You Afraid Of The Dark and played up some of his biting humor from The Fandom Writer. The book was the equal to what Forbes did when they took down fabulist Stephen Glass, as the author seen the film and found the articles -- mindset was doing the same thing on the Fandom_Wank blog to the author. He proved he could be a little funny but was handling subject matter that crossed the line twice as he related some of the crime that unfolded as Chicago Tribune reported on it in the era (one of the jokes he implied to the bully that he gave anal to his own mother.) It's noted for a macabre version of The Aristrocrats joke. Some noted for it's investigative commentary on the true crime pieces from the period as he deconstructed the events of his original creative nonfiction outing along with pundit traits.
Fandom_Wank: remember that psycho who went at us?
other blogger: The fucker who plagiarized Poe?
Fandom_Wank: Shit -- he took one of us out in print!
mindset: which one of us?
Fandom_Wank: He took direct aim at you. Pointing out how you bore false witness. Even went and published your name in the thing and was pulling a Rod Serling on you as he picked you apart without being Anti-Semitic.

The Rusty Nail: An Eye In Shadows -- I am going to post the entire thing on my blog chronicling his every fail.

Comments from The Other Dark Place: Let's put all these comments together and assemble a counter book to this book he's writing.
by illinoishorrorman February 12, 2018
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The infamous fanfiction 'novel' lifting from the fourth installment of Star Wars by Lori Jareo as she gave self-publishing a lot of unwanted controversy. Let's just say George Lucas was more than a little pissed. It emerged as the Gothic short story The Typewriter was purchased for First North American rights for Tales of the Talisman as the writer was developing his second sequel to the flagship anthology at the time. Nick Matamas a rival author in the Horror Writers Association reported on the Lori Jareo debacle as he was invoking flame bait about the book appearing on major channels in 2006. Let's just say a lot of us who worked with the print on demand vehicle were pissed at her. Holden's Counterpart puts the pseudo-novelist on the spot.
I am sure if you're doing a novel where the characters are not yours you're pulling another like that damn novel Another Hope. That novel made it hard for a lot of us who wrote original material to be taken seriously.
by illinoishorrorman January 16, 2018
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Heavy Metal band from Chicago in the vein of BlackSabbath been around since 1979 as the long standing members did an offshoot act based on their album The Skull. Their sound is wide ranging from Christian tinged lyrics to Psychedelic poetics. Psalm 9/The Skull are two of their haymakers and Plastic Green Head is equally respected.
If you're in Chicago and you listen to heavy metal it's a good chance you might have one or two Trouble albums if your collection. That's if you can find them.
by illinoishorrorman August 2, 2015
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A defunct Wordpress blog from an arrested criminal that was a class of 1994, at Glenbard East who ran into classmate who eventually wrote the true crime yarn, The Cabbie Homicide -- as this one is a chronicled big name fan of the jam band Phish. Noted everyone else knows they are less than talented as they replaced The Grateful Dead in the 1990s. Their fanbase are known as phans as they also follow the act infamous for dumping 800 pounds of turdage on unsuspecting tourists. The light blue blog has appeal in underground heavy metal communities as being the counterpart to Fox News Channel and CBS News -- the candid life blogger with real reporting.

Known as a guilty by association in the Something Awful plagiarism incident that the goon got caught doing as the subject of "Pastor's Spouse" was also freight-trained for also covering up for it.
The light blue blog in 2014 had an investigative report of a classmate blogger behind the wordpress presence of The Sloping Companion as he later found that some were bitching about his fraud practices around the same time this came up. The wife at the time came and revealed that he knocked her up when she was just eighteen as he was a borderline pedophile -- he tried to sue the author of An Eye In Shadows for ten large, as this one threatened to cannibalize him like a Portillo's Hot Dog, in another blog entry the author took a barb implying if he wants to enjoy the taste of human meat, hands him a cleaver, suggests him to cut off his own limbs and cook them up in the back.
by illinoishorrorman March 6, 2018
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