5 definitions by Ry-G.

someone who read everyone's facebook walls but never comments.
A: I saw your post about the game yesterday but I didn't comment.

B: Oh so you were just being a wall watcher!?
by Ry-G. October 13, 2010
when your daughter is raised with the world at her fingertips in a great home and STILL goes out and makes a porn, becomes a stripper or finds some other sexual way to embarass the entire family like Montana Fishburne. (Lawrence Fishburne's daughter)
Man my daughter is 12 and my main goal is to stop her from Fishburning
by Ry-G. November 4, 2010
to piggyback someone's status or comment on facebook by copying and pasting the entire post and reposting it as your own after they just said it
You said exactly what I was thinking so I had to piggystat off what you said.
by Ry-G. November 11, 2010
a dad who marries one sister, divorces, then marries the other sister.
My dad is my aunt's ex-husband. That makes him my duncle.
by Ry-G. November 4, 2010
When you see or do something that makes you want to run and update your facebook status and let all your friends know. Also can be used as "stat that"
I finally got that job I've been waiting on! I gotta status that!
by Ry-G. January 5, 2010