n.; the state of someone who is not sweet; someone who does not possess bro status or G status.
Guy #1: "I'm gonna do homework instead of hitting up the party."
Guy #2: "Dude...no status."
by Col. Hans Landa September 28, 2011
Statued - being so stoned/high you cannot move, like a statue.
1. Tommy just hit the bong and got statued.
2. "Bro I smoked so much I can't move, I'm statued dude."
by LocalDopePeddler August 31, 2014
an event or thing that punks you out and is disrespectful on so many freakin levels.
He statused the hell out of me when he said I had no game!
by T-Money & J Sweezy December 8, 2010
a way of measuring how much the man you are...Can be gained by doing many things for instance: pulling bitches, coming through in the clutch, saying something extremely funny, doing something slick, or punking someone.
See also: G status, punking, loss of status,pimp status, status holder
Behemoth:awww yo dog that bitch just forced you to lean back kyle"
All:"Awww man Status lost"

the deez: "Dude i just shanked that wack dinosaur-lookin bitchs alcohol"
kai: "word gain of status man"
by The Deez May 25, 2006
The opposite of the status quo. Not up to par on society's opinion of how things should be. Uncool, or just downright lame.

Anything that can be criticized as being the opposite of trendy or in-style. Often used by critics to judge the latest films, fashion-styles, pieces of literature, products, etc.
Boy: "Hey, do you want to go see that new movie that just came out?"
Girl: "The cheesy one? I heard critics gave it a status no. Must be really lame."

Samantha: "Did you see what she was wearing at the party Saturday night?"
Hannah: "Yeah, she looked like a trashy wannabe! Her outfit was SUCH a status no."
by StatusGo December 11, 2011
(Adj) A word that describes something that is high class, legit, and unquestionably absolute.

Something awesomely unexpected that happens.

Describing a person that is so poplar, confident or elite that they can do whatever they want.
No shoes, no shirt, and I still get service - that's status.
by PizzaShopsandGreenHouses July 10, 2014