Verb. To write a post on a social media site.
I was about to status so hard on facebook about awesome unicorn cat emojis until LILLY tried to challenge me to no avail. Fucking Lilly.
by Sxypanthr October 16, 2013
To have sexual hook-up or booty-call with a other person
::A guy is talkin to a girl and his friend come up and ask::
"you got status?"
by Pro-fes-i-nal October 20, 2003
girl that is easy to hook up with regardless of time....
ay nigga, hit up ole girl, ain't she some status?
by JimyaineTaine December 7, 2007
The once, twice, or three times daily monolithic masterpiece that one deposits in the toilet. Often referred to as a poop; however, with much more gusto and character. Unlike a more mainstream statue, the observation and admiration is often interrupted by a repulsive and sometimes eye watering stink.

The efforts and toil put forth by the statue maker often results in great relief and accomplishment
I'll be back in awhile, I got to go make a statue.

Be cautious of co-workers who say; Hey, come check out my statue?

Be extremely cautious of fart knockers who refer to themselves as, "Michelangelo!"
by Pelley October 18, 2007
the ranking of how well you interact and flirt with girls.
my best friend's status jumped last night after the fun he had.
by John Hartley August 26, 2007
Iam "I know but (with all due respect) that doesn't effect my basic argument. So, let's call what I'm talking about a "Faux Status Indicator". How "Faux" the status is WOULD (however) be determined by the culture (for example, Ancient Greece or Rome) but..."

Hym "This "Faux Status Indicator" is the means by which some men circumvent the status hierarchy."

Iam "... And I already broke down the logistics of it (so you can't say I'm changing it up on you), right? So I guess I can frame it this way: What is the bare minimum amount of status required for a disproportionate amount of success?"

Hym "And what are the other means by which men can circumvent the status hierarchy? Is it FAME!? Is that why there is this hesitancy to acknowledge me? That's what I think. People don't want me to circumvent the hierarchy but they are absolutely willing to allow it or accept it across this singular immutable dimension. At least women are. Men don't have a choice in the matter. They are either the beneficiary of circumstance or they are not. Some would actively try to PREVENT me from circumventing their previous hierarchy. And those same people would laud the fat cock for doing the exact same goddamn thing."

Iam "Not that I explicitly want the fame..."


Iam "... I've already said that fame is just assholes in your driveway at 4 a.m. trying to take a picture of you to sell. People already take pictures of me though... They aren't very subtle....."
by Hym Iam April 20, 2022
of the utmost regardlessness
by Cheif September 30, 2003