a word used to describe something..usally goes after an adjective

Max: yo John your fro looks crazy status today


John: whoaa that girl is amazingg status :O !


Max: do you have change for a 100$ bill?

John: lol you must be crazy bro..i'm not rich status
by asdf;lkjasdf;lkjasdf;lkj February 4, 2009
status, as in being in pimp status.
sophia is status. pimp status.
by sophia January 19, 2004
Person who doesn't move from one end of the day to the other
Hey Statue, are ye confused.
by Abbot August 21, 2003
n. pronounced Sta-dus or Stat

A man of high esteem, and who has a profound respect for his people. With a sense of style, and masculinity unmatched by those who have a habit of "checkin' his fresh", one might witness this particular man dusting off his own shoulder at the haters.

This man may be characterized as down-to-earth, fun, sharp, romantic, smooth, intuitive and powerful. This man's birth name, which will start with the English letter M --however common in some countries, such as France, England, and North America--is like a sweet song to the ear of the woman he truly loves. He is a poet, a historian and a linguist at heart. And would walk through fire to protect his family.
You shoulda been there man. Ya boy Status was goin' in at Open Mic last week!
by Lyric Sky February 4, 2010
When you decide you don't want to do ANYTHING.
Oh no, Terrance started statuing again. I guess he really didn't want to do his homework.
by Herself2536 September 10, 2018
you are suppose 2 put somethin tht describes you or someone elses status....#______Status you can also say it outloud.
*kid sitting all alone* - #NoFriendStatus *Kid eatin whole cake* #FatAssStatus *Hella loud person* - #LoudMouthStatus
by Sharapstar October 17, 2011
The word used to describe how something is. It can be used positively or negatively.
1. Positive-"Yo that trick was sick status!"
2. Negative-"Thats just gay status."
3. Positive-"That ice cream was hella good status!"
4. Negative-"Dude your house is boring status!"
by sick_status_jman July 24, 2010