Legs with hair on them;hairy legs
Yo man you got some hairy legs

Judith your hairy legs need to be shaved
by Gertis August 6, 2017
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1. An insult used by Eric Morcambe to Ernie Wise on the Morcambe and Wise show.

2.A nickname given to a certain Martin H. That means absolutely nothing to anyone other than him.
Martin has short fat hairy legs. So does Eric
by Tempestua December 4, 2004
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when a girl refuses to shave for weeks on end so she has legs that resemble a 50 year old white guy
fuck me she has some hairy ass legs you could prolly braid that shit
by Ogre Saliva August 20, 2020
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Hairy Man Legs is a VR youtube content creator who also works for RecRoom. His favourite drink is Baja blast. People usually call him Hairy
Hey, Hairy! Am I bja blessed?

Hairy man legs: No you are not.
by ahtcs026 April 21, 2022
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