Piets are the most delicious hot creatures on planet earth, all girls would like some D from P. Very loyal, funny and handsome, knows what he wants and can be very persuasive. Great sex comes with a Piet.
Damn that goodlooking boy is Piet!/I wish my boyfriend was like Piet./Everybody loves Piet.
by GodOfPiets October 20, 2019
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Piet: A diet consisting entirely of pie.

The sort of diet, that thousands of obese women go on in January.

They will often be heard to ask. "How may calories have burnt whilst strolling the 0.3 miles to the chippie?"

Women who go on piets, are doomed to remain fat munters for the rest of their miserable lives.
"I know i am hideously obese, and dont want to die in a pool of my own sweat in bed, beacuse i'm too fat to get out of bed, so i am going to go on a piet"

"where is the remote, oh fat one?" "It's under my tit, time to go on a piet... The phone hasnt turned up yet either.
by james and heather January 25, 2008
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He’s a tall handsome mixed-race, he likes to smoke weed a lot, he likes to lie and can manipulate any girl with he’s charms, but when he loves someone he is unable to tell them, but when he loves he will keep coming back to you even if he comes back 9 times, that means he loves you.
Piet is a good liar, no wonder he’s good at manipulating
by Devenity Paris November 28, 2021
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He's sweet when we see each other there's some kind of connection not sure what it is could be his hair his nice eyes or the fact that he always says something to get my attention.
Piets is so hot I want him so bad
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd September 18, 2019
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by ... November 2, 2003
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it's a holiday something in holland with a guy called sinterklaas and his nigger friends pieten
by bart November 14, 2003
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