(verb)To ruin the rest of your life via a stupid choice you made. Examples include procreating illegitimate children, landing yourself in jail, drinking and driving resulting in below the neck paralysis, becoming a vegetable from too much drugs, etc. If you end up dying shortly after the mistake, it doesn't count as being statued.
"Finally we run the trojan which causes you to smoke a joint and get 20 years to life. We see a brief image of you getting high on the convenience store's security camera. Your life is now as useful, and entertaining, as a statue."
Charlize has a statue, let's get Vinny a statue! (from Entourage series)
by cremebrulee October 18, 2009
An adjective used to describe something incredible, awesome or cool.
by Gionet July 25, 2008
a word often used on social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. used to define something that someone else said to sound wrong or rudely suggestive.
Girl: omg thats soo hard

by RainbowSmiley1997 March 11, 2011
To know one's HIV status; negative or positive.
I tested for HIV at the walk-in clinic, and my status is negative.
by I_KNOW_ August 30, 2008
When your pants are pulled up too high or are too small for you resulting in the pants not reaching the shoes.
Yo check out that dude over there. His pants don't reach his shoes.

Yea man he's got the status.
by RussianMachineGustav June 29, 2012
marijuana of very high grade,.i.e. Hydro, Purple Haze, Northern Lights
54TH Street has the best "Status" on the Low End
by Nefearious K. December 18, 2004