The standard sized beer glass (425ml) served in New South Wales, Australia.
Two schooners of New thanks mate.
by Big Jase May 6, 2005
a type of boat that was named so because sailors drink more than any-fucking-body....espcially the maritime lager schooner
any tall ship.
"i went out on my schooner last weekend do drink some schooner."
by schooner love June 18, 2008
A. Introduced in the 1950s, Schooner is a popular Maritime lager. Unique ester properties from special lager yeast and a special blend of North American hops deliver a clean, smooth taste. Schooner beer was named after the famous sailing ship the Bluenose II which was owned by the Oland family.

B. Party tard grab one of my Schooner out da fridge!
A. Ummmmm....Beer.

B. "Yo! you best slap dat back in da sucka face, fore I bust a cap in your silly ass dome!"
by The Cash Man June 19, 2004
Fucking sexiest man alive.
has the cutest smile:)
with dimples!!
sexy sexy sexy
that is all
he is sex in a can.
1. -Hey did you see (blank)'s new haircut? OMG he is sex in a can!

-agreed! he is such a Schooner!
by LOVERS! December 16, 2010
The Action Of Getting Into One's Pants ..

The Process Of Getting Into Ones Pants

I Think SpiderMan Is Going To Do Some Schoonering Tonight
by The(famous) March 19, 2008
A sexual position similar to missionary. Instead of penetration, the male places his johnson in the vagina lips like a hot dog in a bun and rubs back and forth.
Mary wants to stay a virgin, so she asked her boyfriend Harry to give her a tuna schooner.
by Victory92 June 3, 2017