Mate u played like New South Wales today........SHIT
by eat me July 5, 2003
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Most populated state of Australia. Capital city is Sydney (my old home town and rats nest). Second most Beautiful state in Australia, after Queensland. People from NSW tend to emigrate north to where the air is fresher, the weather is warmer, the roads are better and morgages are actually able to be repayed before you die.
Queenslander - NSW can't play league
Blues fan - Look at the scoreboard

Although I live in QLD now and love it here, When it's State Of Origin im a NSW supporter...
by Ex Sydneysider February 4, 2004
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Known for its many junkies, street crime and stabbing's the most common phrase in Berkeley is " Ill Stab You" Some say this is the official greeting when a local passes by, so don’t be to alarmed when they ask you for a smoke and your whole wallet contents they are just offering a friendly gesture. Berkeley is also known for its famous drive through offering a menu larger then McDonalds’ of Illegal drugs the safest way to enter Berkeley is by car you should always keep your doors locked unless buying from the famous drive through the dealer’s pride themselves on good service and quality product.
So take a drive you will be surprised especially by the stench of the lake due to the many decomposing bodies from past visitors that were rude and did not offer up the smokes and there wallet contents.
Berkeley New South Wales
by Berkeley Visitor May 10, 2011
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New South Wales Australia - is a state on the east coast of Australia. It borders Queensland to the north, Victoria to the south, & South Australia to the west. Its coast borders the Coral & Tasman Seas to the east. The Australian Capital Territory & Jervis Bay Territory are enclaves within the state. New South Wales' state capital is Sydney,


Cricket is 1 of the most popular sports in New South Wales. The NSW Blues are by far the most successful domestic cricket team .


The Sydney Kings & Illawarra Hawks are the state's representatives in the National Basketball League (NBL),Australia's premier Men's basketball competition .

New South Wales is home to Australia's highest snow country, oldest skifields & largest resorts. Recreational Skiing in Australia began around 1861 at Kiandra, New South Wales, when Norwegian gold miners introduced the idea to the frozen hills around the town.

Suncorp Super Netball features New South Wales based teams. The New South Wales Swifts having played in the ANZ Championship & the Commonwealth Bank Trophy.

Food popular here

Sydney rock oysters
Red & whites wines

Barbecued snags (aka sausages)
Meat pies.



Passion fruit





Prawns / shrimp
Fish such as yellowfin tun , red mullet, snapper,

john dory aka saltwater fish.
James Squire beers with Amber's & ale's

New South Wales Australia ,
The Colony of New South Wales was founded as a British penal colony in 1788
New South Wales is bordered on the north by Queensland, on the west by South Australia, on the south by Victoria and on the east by the Coral and Tasman Seas. The Australian Capital Territory and the Jervis Bay Territory form a separately administered entity that is bordered entirely by New South Wales. The state can be divided geographically into four areas. New South Wales's three largest cities, Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong

The original inhabitants of New South Wales were the Aboriginal tribes who arrived in Australia about 40,000 to 60,000 years ago. Before European settlement there were an estimated 250,000 Aboriginal people in the region

In 1770 James Cook charted the unmapped eastern coast of the continent of New Holland, now Australia, & claimed the entire coastline that he had just explored as British territory.Cook first named the land New Wales which was later amended to New South Wales (NSW).

New South WalesNickname(s): The First State The Premier State.
by Blu_leef May 16, 2023
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