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There are two common definitions.

A. To eat food.

B. To devour ones manhood.
A. This restaurant kicks ass, I can hardly wait for the chicken cordon blue so I can eat it.

B. Hey Mark! Here is a suggestion, why don't you eat it. Actually while you are at that, pound sand!
by The Cash Man July 23, 2003

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A. Introduced in the 1950s, Schooner is a popular Maritime lager. Unique ester properties from special lager yeast and a special blend of North American hops deliver a clean, smooth taste. Schooner beer was named after the famous sailing ship the Bluenose II which was owned by the Oland family.

B. Party tard grab one of my Schooner out da fridge!
A. Ummmmm....Beer.

B. "Yo! you best slap dat back in da sucka face, fore I bust a cap in your silly ass dome!"
by The Cash Man June 18, 2004

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