What Darth Vader says when you have outstayed your welcome, or he wants you to leave.
by kymcleod October 16, 2003
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closing to blog or journal entries of an overall insignificant nature; used in the context of making a big announcement that winds up being something of little or no importance. Can also be used to conclude short, spontaneous, even non-sequitur blog or journal posts.
Adam's post in LiveJournal:
"I just tilted my head back and squeezed a good sized squeezeful of ketchup into my mouth.

That is all."
by Kevin Esmeier October 1, 2007
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Something said to let somone know that their company is no longer needed......
Thanks for the blow-job bitch....that is all.
by bradrel October 16, 2003
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When a group of friends are taking tequila shots, someone named Abdul yells, "All of it! All of it!" Funny thing is he's the only one not taking shots on his birthday.
Thomas: "Alright guys, cheers!"

*Everyone takes a shot of tequila except Abdul*

Abdul: "All of it! All of it!"
by tac1991 July 19, 2011
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