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A vague idyllic promise of success to lure parents into footing the bill for yet another useless graduate degree. Love junkie, lost, spoiled followers use this vague idea sculpted by school’s marketing materials of professors looking smart, students looking awake, and doctored photos of old buildings looking prestigious to convince themselves and parents of the merit in investing another 100k in their near useless kid, known by the step-dad simply as “sleep and eat.”
“Mom, I know a MA in Education at Harvard is useless, but I just fell in love with the program.”
by UnderemployedMBA August 26, 2011
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The program is where you get to go when you catch somebody doing this if you are in a movie or on TV (and I mean television, not a guy with titties).
I thought the program was an education program, like a 4 year program from an accredited institution.
by nick May 12, 2005
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a state of friendship in which one acknowledges another person upon seeing them (e.g., nods, smiles, says hello)
We hardly talk anymore, we're not even on the program!
by jrabB October 20, 2014
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