The blackest skin color of the afro-american population
Did you check out Shatawna. She's a 12:01. Her roots be from Great Granny Jewel-Honey in Africa.
by charlicous June 23, 2010
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It is the time you get out of prison.
"my friend will come pick me up out of prison at 12:01 am because that is the time they let out".
by NickyL June 17, 2007
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The day the 'wannabe patriots' decided that they love America too.
On 9/10/01, hardly anybody had a US flag hanging on their house or stuck on their car window. When 9/12/01 rolled around, everyone had flags or bumpers stickers saying, 'God Bless America'.
by Shawn B. May 2, 2003
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The feeling of confusion after new years has already come and you have twenty people in your house just standing there because all the excitement is over with.
Party host: Well everyone the 12:01 effect has set in so get the fuck out of my house.
by Thetruther123 January 2, 2012
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A time that occurs one minute after 12:00 AM. Represented as 00:01 on a twelve-hour clock.
I went to sleep at 12:01 AM.
by GravityManipulationUnit June 7, 2020
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this specific date is very special and important to both me and my boyfriend:). it was the day when elijah (my boyfriend) confessed to me about his feelings towards me, how he wants me to be his forever, and how much he loves me. it was a school morning, i saw a couple of notifications from him, and i was smiling so damn hard, and so i opened his messages and saw that he talked about how much i mean to him and how special i make him feel all the time :D of course i was crying tears of joy, i never thought that this day would come, and since then i've been so incredibly happy and grateful to have him in my life. his words mean everything to me <3 OH AND- of course i said yes to being his girlfriend :D, i honestly thought that i was dreaming, but i wasn't. damn, i swear that im so lucky to have him in my life. without him, i would've have given up already, and i would've been at my lowest point right now. he has lit up my life, and i just have to say that he is my complete everything and he means the whole world to me. this boy is someone i never want to lose. i love him so damn much, i could never imagine myself with anybody else but him, nor could i ever imagine somebody else with him other than me :D he's my soulmate, my twinflame, the love of my life, the father of our kids, my happiness, my love, my world and my everything <3 i really hope to never lose him.
my boyfriend and i got together on this date : 12/01/20 :DD
by andreea <3333 March 19, 2021
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Either referring to 12:01 PM or 12:01 AM. Also represents 12:01 PM on a twelve-hour clock.
Not to be confused with the ratio 12:1
Usage 1: I fell asleep at 12:01 AM
Usage 2: I woke up at 12:01 PM.
by GravityManipulationUnit June 7, 2020
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