to erase words with a keyboard
it it equipped with most keyboards in America
unless of course you decided to take out keys out of your key board.
tommy:i was typing a cussword and my mom walked by

suffery:did you get caught?

tommy:no.good thing i have backspace!

by suffery June 11, 2009
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A person who revises/alters something that they have made, built, or written - only to end up with a result that is worse than what they started with.
I panicked and backspaced on the sandcastle I was building! Shit!
by PhDInAss September 26, 2014
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okay backspace, where did you say he went yesterday?
by galen December 12, 2004
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backspace is use in a computer. It is basically known to removeletters from a computer

in other word its a keyboard key

it is located on to of the enter button(1)
you were meant to type "apple" but you typed "applw" (somehow) to revert this you simply press simply backspace
by helu312 April 17, 2019
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When someone says something they didn't mean to say they can say "backspace" and whatever they said before must be imediately forgotten, as if it was never said.
...wait up, backspace!!
by Margaret Millen May 1, 2008
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The ninth Pearl Jam album released in 2009 where Pearl Jam actually sounds happy.
Dude! Have you heard the album 'Backspacer' by Pearl Jam?!

Yeah man! It's weird...they're happy...what the fuck?! But's good!
by jonnigga September 19, 2009
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