1. Something no one in their right mind will do without being told they have to.

2. A very popular word included to suck the fun out of any event.

3. Retarded and or ghey
1. These classes on safety are mandatory

2. Yay our company is having mandatory fun day.

3. I know you wont like staying late to sit in the office and do nothing 3 hours late for no reason at all but its mandatory.
by rooster210 May 29, 2013
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A brand of heroin once extremely popular on the lower east side of manhattan.
Also, by way of extension, anything that is particularly good or strong.
"What's good today? Mandatory"

"Damn that skunk was MANDATORY bro"
by Jonathon_Holmes July 16, 2005
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Mandatory tutorial. When a video game forces you through tutorial that cannot be skipped. Usually tedious and grueling.
Steve: Did you check out that latest free to play game?
Bob: Only for about five levels. I spent thirty minutes in an unskippable tutorial before I quit out of boredom.
Steve: Ugh, Mandatorial. No bueno...
by Prevailence April 7, 2014
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When a shit session goes from a voluntary situation to “a mandatory” emergency. Midway, a casual sit down sesh turns into a raging shit storm where your asshole is a thunder cloud bursting at the seams and the toilet is the town below, ill prepared for a flash flood. Your knees buckle, the back of your neck starts to sweat, and you better make sure the door is locked. It’s going to be a long ride. You might want to take your pants and shirt off for this one!!!
Holy shit, Tony has been in there for an hour. He must be working out “a mandatory.”

I was on the freeway, cruising to my pad thinking about a voluntary shit when I got home. Just then, my vibe shifted and I immediately knew it was a mandatory situation. I was about to drop “a mandatory” in the front seat!!!

See Diarrhizzy.
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Fun, Mandatory: When the 1sg or CO (or their spouses) decide that the company's spouses and children are going to have a day set aside for them to have a family oriented even, and you are "invited" (I.E. no choice). you may not leave until the day is over, even though you live in the barracks and have no dependents of your own.
Nah man, CO has us on a Mandatory Fun Day today at 7:00 am.
by 11BulletCatcher September 1, 2010
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A social event put on by an organization having some form of authority over event attendees where those attendees are generally confronted with the dilemma of attending the social event or facing some generally undesired consequence.
A: "Sorry, but I can't go to the beach with you this weekend. My employer wants us to attend this team-building retreat. If I don't go to the retreat, I'm required to show-up at my workstation and perform my duties."
B: "Oh, so they want you to have some mandatory fun, huh? It's okay!"
by unindicted.coconspirator January 7, 2016
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A game played usually between two people in which one participant shouts "mandatory jello!" and collapses like said gelatinous substance towards the ground and towards the second partaker. The second person is required, per the rules of the game, to attempt to catch the fall-ee from falling. It has been suggested that this game is equivalent to a small scale trust fall (however much more fun and less therapuetic).
*standing around talking*
"mandatory jello"
by ress_anne April 8, 2011
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