The beginning and the end.
Curvature of the horizon.
Safeguarding of light in the darkness, tje angle of which light curves to bring light to the moon.
The "firmament" of the earth is never ending.
by Prophet of God January 2, 2017
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A type of open source code used by the Ascension Community and run from Galactic Federation of Light ET fleet ships and other fleet ships. The basic jist is your analog self is converted into digital information and you get burried in astral. A holographic universe trick.
Maybe we should have built this firmament better, I think the Waters of life are going to wash the firmament away.
by 1 J. June 28, 2018
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a firm dick that is meant to fill the crack hovering on top of it
s: I'm sad you naiied me and took away my colourful sky, Miss Eltoe
n: Naw...I gave u a firmament with all the memories u have of us. and I'll be back in Season "n"
by lover_wo_2019 October 27, 2022
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