The one person your always happy to see and they are always happy to see you. The one could be hard to find but also could be in plain site. The one is the person who is your best friend, your one love, your soul mate. Without this person you find life meaningless and empty. This person opens your heart and fills it with joy and sweeps away any anger or sorrow. It could take time but you will find this person if they're out there. It could take years or decades but that person is out there.
Guy: i think this girls the one, dude

guy 2: how do you know

guy: i have been searching for years and have never felt like this about any other girl...she is so much better than any of them. I better hold onto her. 😍
by CRAZYLOUSE March 19, 2014
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" The One " means the person who make your heart skip a beat, takes your breathe away, makes you want to sing. You know they are the one when you smile and don't realize it, until you think of them, or when you wake up and want them to be there when you open your eyes. The one person who loves you for who you really are, and the one you want to spend your life with.
She is really the one ! Alexis, is truly the one <3

I've never felt like this before, he has to be the one !
by Aye Meh. B. October 18, 2014
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1.) The person you are meant to be with. Your soulmate.
2.) Neo's true person in The Matrix.
3.) Your perfect choice when doing something, store, car dealership, police lineup, etc..
4.) A very good movie starring Jet Li and Jason Statham traveling to paralell universes.
1.) Dude, I know it, she is the one.
2.) Morpheus: He IS the one.
3.) Policeman: Is that the man who robbed you, ma'am? Woman: Yes, he's the one who did it.
4.) Am I the ONLY person on the planet that thought The One was a good movie. I bet you couldn't have done any better..... Jackass.
by Savior of The Universe April 30, 2006
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet, she has the best personality, she is down to earth, she is super smart, she is very athletic, super kind, and yeah she really is that beautiful. She is the most amazing girl you meet, and whoever she ends up is the luckiest guy you know. She is the best thing that could happen to anyone!
Alexandra Bennett is The One, and Iker Aperribay would do anything for her<3
by Mr.Original1 December 18, 2012
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The person believed to be the soul-mate, ultimate lover, perfect bride/groom to whoever is using said term.
Oh, Martha, I think he just might be the one.
by Jaded June 21, 2003
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I am saved through God's Grace, in that He sent Jesus Christ, The One whom was prophecied about, to die for me.
by Marty June 17, 2003
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Someone who is part of you even when you aren't together.
1- oh WE would just love to have that potted plant for our front room.
(we? we who?)
Me and my bf/gf
(your bf/gf isn't here right now)
He/she is a part of me. he's the one.
by angeldancer44 January 05, 2010
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