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A term of endearment (like "baby); someone who is so cute/sad/adorable you want to hug and comfort them.
Aww, poor woobie!
by Jaded December 09, 2003

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The person believed to be the soul-mate, ultimate lover, perfect bride/groom to whoever is using said term.
Oh, Martha, I think he just might be the one.
by Jaded June 21, 2003

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The Eastern side of the United States. Includes New England, and also States such as Florida, South and North Carolina. Though, used mostly to refer to the Northern States.
I'm flying over to the East Coast next Thursday.
by Jaded June 21, 2003

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A web page containing a searching machine that scans web pages througout the internet for key phrases, effectively helping someone find information.
I couldn't find out how to make a homemade bomb, so I used a search engine and now I'm ready to blow up Chicago.
by Jaded June 21, 2003

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Usually describing a slutty girl who has every STD known to man.
There's that skank-ass bitch Randi... that girl has the worst case of gonnersyphillheperitis I've ever known.
by Jaded September 28, 2004

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Some bomb as weed... bomb cronic... cromb bonic
Damn, this is some cromb bonic ::: hits the bong:::
by Jaded November 24, 2003

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a person or number of people basically wearing a lot of sports wear, most commonly addidas,nike,umbro etc etc.
Also they wear big gold 'bling' which in normal tearms is jewellery.
Some also wear the bottom of their 'trackis'tucked into their socks.
Also find them by there hats at a 180 degree angel on there shaved heads.
found in blackpool,leeds,harrogate,ripon basically anywhere so watch out!
''i just got asked 'gizzz a fag' by that scall''

haha look at that bunch of scalls
by jaded December 12, 2004

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