A tall, handsome, strong , smart, and a true man.

A man that can benchpress 130 pounds at the age of 13!
Wow Bennett is very strong

-Said every girl there ever was.
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One of the funniest guys alive and more generous than anyone you'll ever meet. He will go out of his way to protect the ones he loves, even if it sacrifices his own happiness and comfort. When I say he is generous, its so much that you feel like shit about yourself and anything good you have done becomes void!!! I love this guy. Did I mention that he is both handsome and intelligent?
Bennett is the funniest, most intellectual, and kind hearted person you'll EVER meet!
by TheFirstSister February 5, 2010
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A handsome person that beats up people named James
Aww Bennett Beat up another James
by Jeffy Boob January 19, 2020
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The greatest person to ever be born. Bennett created being adorable and since his friend, Chongyun from Liyue decided to created popsicle as a present for Bennett. Bennett is the leader of and adventure team called Benny's Adventure Team. Bennett is god. He is the epitome of light itself. Bennett is a higher being.
Person A: We should joins Benny's Adventure Team!
Person B: Bennett is really cool and totally awesome!
Person A: Hey, let sacrifice all our belongings and family to Bennett!
Person B: Anything for Bennett
by yourfavoritechink March 7, 2021
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A bennett is an individual who is known for his skills with females both sexually and relationship wise.
A bennett is typically tall with a long black fringe and spiked up hair. Woman usually find a bennett irresistably attractive but he is always modest and kind to everyone he meets.
Bennetts usually make perfect boyfriends.
(Regional Vocabulary)
"Have you seen my new boyfriend? Hes such a bennett!!! I love him so much" - Cyndy
"You are so lucky! I wish i had a bennett" - Tracy
by Alex E Bennett February 9, 2006
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One of the funniest girls, always finds ways to cheer you up or make you smile, and always sticks up for her friends and family. She will go out of her way to protect the ones she loves. She is always gorgeous somehow but always says she is ugly and it's obliviously a lie. And somehow she is SUPER good at sports. She will be one of the best friends you will have
Bennett came over and brought me Ice cream after he dumped me
by Theunknowndefiner007 July 7, 2017
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The sweetest guy you will ever meet. He is a gentlemen but if you hurt someone he love you better watch out. He has red hair, dark brown eyes and his smile can brighten anyone's day. He can be shy at times but once he opens up he is an amazing friend or boyfriend.
by sunflower17 May 15, 2012
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