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one about to be inprisoned in a life of pain.
My son's bride isn't too lucky.
by Liz January 05, 2004
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when you drive around for the soul purpose of smoking a blunt
luke: where we going?
steve: just on a b ride.
by chelsea=] August 09, 2008
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hicktown BabyBoomer expression referring to one's (female) beloved, regardless of how long you've been married or living together, regardless of age, regardless of how many offspring. Just a sickeningly sweet reference to how much you're still in love with her.
Me and the bride celebrated our 35th last year.

My bride and I have 5 kids.

The bride sucks me off a coupla times a month.
by Junior January 07, 2004
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(b)ride or b-ride refers to the current spouse or partner that isnt what you deserve to be with, but for which you either settled for or were roped into due to fate, defective condoms, or other flukes of nature. Although derogatory, it is pronounced as bride, which is falsely assumed by the object to be a term of endearment.

(b)ride can also mean (bitch) ride who provides regular sexual pleasure, otherwise is not remotely fun or interesting to be around.
Roger: What did you do over the weekend.

Daryle: Nothing... my (b)ride had her parents over so I got roped into playing Yahtzee and Parcheesi

Roger: Lame Dude.

Jen: Honey, would you go to the store and get some milk? I forgot to get it when I went earlier.

Daryle: I guess so.... is there anything else you forgot, my (b)ride? Maybe some Tampons?
by Spanked as a Child March 13, 2013
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Driving around while smoking a blunt. Potentially hazardous for new smokers, best done with someone experienced in driving while high behind the wheel. Passing revolves around the driver- whatever is most comfortable for him is the order. This usually means passing to the guy sitting back right and receiving from the guy riding shotgun.

Now commonly called an "L ride" because someone decided "B ride" sounded gay.
A: Dude, let's roll that shit up and go for a B ride.

B: Okay, but get Bill to drive, I hate doin' that shit while I'm high.
by kickflipthecat March 09, 2009
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