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A kid with glasses that is flexible and is wearing pink shoes. Who is also Hispanic.
You are such an iker.
by Poopbdjsjwbsbhd May 23, 2017
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Iker is a unique name, and some tend to be very quiet, rude and not open about themselves. They like to stay within the friends they already know and struggle to open up to new people. They usually have trusting issues because they often have had a lot of let downs. Once you are his friend you will see how charming and sweet he is. He might act different around new people. Ikers tend to be cute and sometimes even hot. Most of the Ikers are hispanic.
Iker is so cute!

That Iker kid is so different
by Paige1205 November 30, 2018
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A fugly guy on the spanish soccer team, who just won the world cup.

Person 1: OMG!! IKER IS SEXY
Person 2: Ew, no. He's so fug.
by pleasedontkillme June 29, 2008
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