1) a wicked fast kung fu champion who is makin movies now.

2) actually a peace loving buddhist who now lives in Hollywood.

3) whup ass
Shut up. Dont make me jet li ur ass!!
by neo-kaneida August 29, 2003
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a famous martial arts (wu shu)student and performer, who has made many films in China and the United States. He has also one won the national wu shu championship 5 times.
Jet Li is dynamic and exhilerating martial artist.
by Ixy July 29, 2003
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Jet Li is a real life buddhist ninja who eagle claw fisted the 2004 tsunami and won. He could definitely make iron man cry.
Jet Li is the only man who could round-house kick Chuck Norris.
by MetalMan? July 21, 2010
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A martial artist who won a tournament when he was about 7. hes kinda short. Made some great movies in hong kong like once upon a time in china trilogy, tai chi masters(hero is ok but not that great). Made some shity movies in hollywood like The One, the only one thats decent enough to watch is kiss of the dragon.
So do you like Bruce or Jet Li?
Me: BOTH!!
by uranus November 26, 2003
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made many great movies in China. Made really crappy movies in America
Romeo Must Die, The One, Cradle to the Grave all sucked bad
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
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Did you hear when Jet Li Vong was raping Noah in gang beasts kid was going ham!
by NSFWNoxx December 4, 2019
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