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An amazing beautiful wonderful girl that is tough but sometimes she needs help for herself.She's sweet,funny,loveable,and anyone would be lucky to have someone like her in their life.She is a gift to the world and she will always make you smile even if you may be sad or mad.Be happy if you have someone like her.
"She looks beautiful"
"Her name is Martha"
by Thestormofdeath July 26, 2017
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She is the most amazing girl in the world. She is sweet, funny, beautiful, and makes you feel like you've never felt before. When you hold her in your arms nothing else matters. You could have had the worst day but once you look in her eyes and kiss her you forget all about it. Her eyes are unbelievably pretty, and every time you look into them it's like you're falling in love with her all over again. She has the cutest smile, and when she smiles because of you it's like you're on top of the world. She is so sweet, just being with her makes you happier than you thought possible. She is so smart and works so hard, but she still finds time to brighten up your day. Simply put she is the most amazing girl you will ever meet.
Martha is the most amazing girl I've ever met.
by asdlfkjals;dfj a;lsdfjal;f November 20, 2011
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(noun)a term used to describe a girl who's a genuine badass; a successful independent woman who doesn't take crap from no one and is well respected by everyone; everyone she meets loves her and just flat out envies how bad-ass she is; may be used in adj. form
The new girl applied to the new teaching program and was such a bad-ass that she got in; the interviewers were stunned by her sense of martha-ness.
by Asianguywhorocks28 March 17, 2009
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A beautiful,bomb,perfect girl that is nice and has been heart broken she has an attitude that is hot she is nice and has many friends but hangs out with a little bit of them her friends help her keep her head up she is so pretty
Let me have you martha
by agdjcons May 26, 2014
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a beautiful girl that is often mistaken for being quiet but is definitely not.

-meaning: one who is beautiful, inside and out.

-of the roman decent
Martha hottness girl beauty lovable bestfriend
by 11544876 December 06, 2008
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Martha is the literal definition of perfection and there are infinite things about her you can compliment. Her smile, her beauty, her personality, how west she is, how she is funny, only the best cheerleader out. When you look up perfection in a dictionary. A picture of Martha comes up. 😍😍😍😍.
Person1: you know martha
Person2: who’s that
Person1: oh my bad perfection
Person2: oh yeah she’s literally the best
by crazed_jj July 17, 2019
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