Alexandra, The most beautiful girl I’ve met. Sicnd the first time you look at her you can’t stop thinking of her. When’s he smiles it lights up the room. She loves dancing on the grass to her favorite music with someone she loves. She is the same person as you in every way, music, food, even the way she still acts like a kid. She’ll make you pinky promise to give her a hug next time you see her and wants to make pillow forts to watch a movie on Friday nights. Lexi, the tear in my heart.
Alexandra changed my life
by Trandom September 20, 2018
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The Best Best BEST BEST friend you'll EVER meet in your life. She makes your days PERFECT. She's ALWAYS there for you, giving the BEST advices and always supporting you. She's beautiful, intelligent, nice, sociable, cool, and DEFINITELY special. She's the only one that will make your day PERFECT. ONE IN A MILLION!
by DomoKun March 1, 2013
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A person called Alexandra is normally a kind, caring, funny, wild klutz. She knows how to make people laugh and lighten the mood and make anyone crack up. Alexandra's can give good advice and help with most problems they are also awesome best friends and can make you smile just by the way they say something. She is also usually a really hot person and can woo anyone but when she's in love she has to show it and can't keep it in.
p1: "Hey who's that over there she's so hot!"
p2: "I dunno but her name must be Alexandra!"
by akl January 24, 2013
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They are very creative, hot, beautiful, and EVERYONE loves her! When she's nice, it's like an angel is in front of you, but when she's mad, you may aswell get the heck outa there. They are very good at winning things over, and being seductive. I can't find anything bad about Alexandras!
"Woah, who's that chick?" Matt asked Nat.

"Not sure, but she sure looks like one of those Alexandras, if you know what I mean," he replies.
by Alexandra_Love September 7, 2012
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Alexandra is a girl with a amazing body, she had alot of potention and alot of dreams, She’s a wide dreamer not affraid of dreaming big but is affraid of taking big steps, Becouse she feels like she isnt good enough all tough you see something different, she’s a girl with a strong personality, someone that wont just sit there and let you talk bad about her, she comes up for herself and helps people who need helping, Even tough she knows some people will stab her in the back for it, alexandra is a caring person, she wont just sit there and do nothing, she’ll help you with what your going trough and will put her own problems aside just to help you going forward, not caring about if she goes under for it, alexandra is a person who will give everything for another, but is still affraid to take that big step, to her big dreams, so if you ever meet a alexandra, stick onto her, and help her achieve her dream just as she helped you. Alexandra is also kind, She’s one of those people who greet others on the street, she also had alot of friends, and when she’s with her friends her lovely dorky side comes up. Even when alexandra hurts you or leaves you broken, she’ll never actually leaves, she’ll always stick with you even tough you try so hard to push her away, and she’s also.. extreamly hard to get
Alexandra is perfect
by Clexa_au_33 January 5, 2020
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Makes you laugh when your crying. You laugh with her as soon as she starts laughing. Will sing anime OPS with you. An Alexandra is either super funny or mad never in between. Usually has a lot of brake downs. And is super clumsy. Zones out a lot. Couldn’t dance even if her life depended on it except fir anime dances. Gets obsessed with things easily and gets mad when u touch her stuffed animals
Alexandra needs help but never shows it.
by Kittyg0regirl February 4, 2021
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Alexandra is a name meaning brave, fearless, kind and also Defender of Mankind. She is a person who will sand up for what she believes in and whom you can always trust; she will always understand.
Bully: 'I've gotta bone to pick with you!'
Alexandra: 'Not in this lifetime you don't'
by ProVideoStars March 12, 2015
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