When you rub your penis against a female/males ear, ejaculating over their head, kind of like the disney logo.
Ex1) Sorry I didn't get your call, my boyfriend wanted to try The Mickey on me.

Ex2) Me and my girlfriend were doing The Mickey and omg, she had my juices all over her hair!
by James, Candice, Eleni :) April 16, 2010
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A small 375ml bottle of liquor. Primarily a Canadian term.
"I chugged a mickey of malibu and my face tingles"
by crappo August 07, 2005
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Tour guide: "Here at Walt Disney World we have the largest erect Mickey in the world"
Irish tourists: <five minutes of childish sniggering>
by SunburnForTheMasses July 14, 2013
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A Mickey is a strong, reliable, selfless, sweet and loving person who knows a lot of people but is close with very few. Mickeys are a blast to hang around, but take it too far once in a while. Although they can be crazy, they are also crazy sweet, and are always there for their friends if they need to be, regardless of what they're going through or how it would affect them. Mickeys tend to be kinda tall, slender and attractive. A Mickey is a precious baby and the cootest doot. While they may say they don't need someone when they're upset, they always appreciate support and are always there to return the kindness. Mickeys make the best friends and are amazing at photography and art. I love Mickeys. ♡♡
Man, I wish I was strong like a Mickey.
by ♡Minnie♡ May 08, 2017
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A fine malt liquor with the most kick ass of mascots. It'll getcha drunk and can be found in all fine 'hood beer stores, usually where predominately irish drunkards can also be found. Assorted varieties, can be found in 40's, deucers, and mickey's "pounders".
yo b-rad, run to the shell and get like 10 mickey's...we doin it real big tonight!!!!
by J. Dough March 02, 2005
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The finest malt liquor one can find in corner stores. Only true savs find themselves drinking this treat from the Irish gods.
Tonight, we drink Mickey's and we will get drunk.
by Couch monster November 10, 2003
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Shortened form for a "mickey finn." Used to describe surepticiously slipping someone drugs, poison, laxative, etc. - usually in one's drink. Commonly believed to be named after notorious Chicago pickpocket, thief and bartender - Mickey Finn.
" He slipped her a mickey so he could get his date rape on."
by titmouse August 01, 2006
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