a synonym for honesty, mostly used in an informal setting of speech and most notably used on the HBO series ‘insecure’ starring Issa Rae and Yvonne Orji.
Malibu, you need to stop talking to that nigga! Quit acting fugazy.
by thatbih13 September 23, 2018
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A low alcohol content liquor that is coconut flavored. For some reason girls really like it.
Jay: We need some liquor for the girls.
John: Buy some Malibu, they'll love it
Jill: Did you buy something thats not gross?
Jay: We bought some Malibu.
Jill: I love that stuff!! Give it to me!!!
by CRUNKone July 23, 2006
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horny. wanting sex. turned on.
Male: feeling bit malibu 2nite, fancy cumin round?
Female: if you're that malibu get ur arse round here!
by stripygreenjumper May 26, 2007
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a way to alert ur friends of a hot girl nearby without letting her know u are looking.
"malibu!" adrian shouted as she walked by.
by nunurbiznaz June 25, 2005
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1) a wealthy beach community near Los Angeles and home to many celebrities.

2) a Chevrolet sedan.

3) a coconut flavored liquor that tastes pretty damn good. very popular with the ladies.
HAVE you ever drivin to MALIBU in a MALIBU while sippin MALIBU???


your lame...
by oc boy June 29, 2010
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Sunshine, beaches, hot surfers, great swells, small-town feel with expensive boutiques.......mudslides, fires, tsunamis, all around fun times
Dude, let's go to Malibu and catch that awesome break at Little Dume........no, Dude, it's too friggin far
by bizzle January 11, 2005
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