David: Hey did you hear about what happened with Carl and Logan.
Jacob: Yeah. They're not friends anymore because Logan stole Carl's star in Mario Party.
by Iceman356 September 30, 2019
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The reason you aren't friends with your buddies anymore..... Because you played this game. Good job.
In Mario Party, I yelled at my friend that if he took one more FUCKING star, i would kill him.

Friend: "I just took a star, looser."

Me: Fuck you. I hate this game and you.
by DaSergalz November 15, 2015
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A board-game style video game for the Nintendo 64 consisting of numerous mini-games in which up to 4 players compete for stars.
We wasted a whole day playing mario party.
by Dictionary Joe July 11, 2008
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A nintendo 64 video game which is so addicting, you'll be getting physical injuries trying to win this.

No really, Nintendo gave away free gloves to play to avoid having blisters on your hands.

Now THAT is addicting.
Me and my friends had to go in for surgery after facing permenant physical damgage due to too much Mario Partying.
by Danimoth March 14, 2004
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A sexual liaison between a wealthy young girl and two plumbers, or men of similar social standing. Often granted as reward for services rendered or rescue from dangerous situations.
Hey, have you seen the new Nicky Hilton mario party video?

Yeah, she really 1-upped her sister on this one.
by "Super" mario May 3, 2008
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1.) Total and completely unadulterated bullshit.

2.) An elaborate mechanism by which one can spend over an hour essentially flipping a coin.
1. )"I was playing some Mario Party with my friends last night. I was winning by like 10 stars and in the last 5 turns I went from 1st place to last. Also, my friend won the fucking lottery and got 100 coins for no good fucking reason. The game is total bullshit."

2.) "Wow wtf I totally just wasted an hour and a half playing a game that ends with no correlation to my input."
by IMMARAGIN February 4, 2009
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Another word, especially a codeword, for "orgy" (to have sexual intercourse with 3 or more people involved).

Add a number after "Mario Party" to specify the amount of people involved (up to 9, as of the release of the game, "Mario Party 9" in 2012).
Guy1: Bro, I'm having like 3 chicks over tonight and I don't think I'm gonna be able to handle all of em. You in?

Guy2: Ya I guess. Gonna play some Mario Party 5?

Guy1: Hell yeah, dude.
by ThatFreakyThing July 9, 2011
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