This term is used to describe a character that someone loves, (almost always a cinnamon roll in this case) but be careful when you use this description... usually when someone calls them this, the said character ends up in a roleplay scenario that usually leads to their tragic (but also slightly lewd) death.
Girl 1: "I love Tony! He's such a precious baby!"
Girl 2: "WAIT, NOOO! NOT TONY!!!"
Girl 1: "Don't worry, he'll be fine! I will protect my precious baby."

*three weeks later...*

Girl 1: "Sooo, remember how I loved Tony a few weeks ago?"
Girl 2: "Yeah. Did you do what I think you did?"
Girl 1: "...Alright, maaaybe I acted out a roleplay where he got turned tiny... and he went through a deadly buttcrush... ahahaha~"
Girl 2: "jUsT wHaT i ThOuGhT."
by an anonymous wolf May 8, 2018
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When a person describes a baby as "Precious" they are basically saying "Your baby is ugly as fuck, don't take pictures with that thing, keep it out of the light.... With all due respect."

If a person calls your child Precious you reserve the right to whoop their ass (the person rendering the adjective, not the baby).
(In Church) Oh, look at him. He looks just like you! Has your nose and everything, he's such a precious baby .

As they walk away they're praying for your child.
by Yea_That's_Me December 4, 2015
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Someone (usually a male) who takes forever to get ready for anything and usually has no idea he's being a pain in the ass.
Mr. X: "Let's go! What are we waiting for?"
Mr. Y: "Baby Precious is still getting ready. Hey Baby Precious! You almost done?"
Baby Precious (while adjusting his shirt in a mirror): "Hold on a sec!"
by LekSickOn April 4, 2009
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