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You could be on the chirpse with a guy or girl, everything seems to be going fine.. you THINK you like them but then you suddenly catch 'The Ick'. From then on you can't look at the person in the same way, you just progressively get more and more turned off by them, weirdly & maybe for no reason in particular grossed out by them. You'll cringeeeeee at the thought of you and them together. Nothing will be the same, you won't be able to do it any longer and eventually have to cut it off.- Ideology curtesy of Olivia from Love Island:)
Olivia: Sam's a really nice guy, such a happy boy so full of light. Thought i kinda fancied him, but i've caught 'The Ick' and I can't knock it off. Once you've caught it, it takes over body. Can't do it anymore...
by bbbbbx June 16, 2017
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A newly discovered, yet very uncommon sexually transmitted disease. Symptoms include: a thin film around affected area, swelling of the ears and feet, and an overwhelming feeling of shame.
Curtis contracted the ick last year.
by Randy Moss January 19, 2005
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