Noun that can refer to both the act of flirting with the intent of something more, and the mission to flirt with intent and succeed. It differs from mere flirting, which is common between friends and colleagues, because one only chirpses someone who they fancy or are attracted to.
Verb: chirpsin or chirpsing
''mate go and chirpse that well fit bird''
''he is defo on the chirpse tonight''
by jbails11 May 3, 2013
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to be chatted up
I was at 7-11 getting chirpsed by this fly hottie I seen at the club.
by AngelzMom June 3, 2009
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Yeah, I found him chirpsing my gal, cha!
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
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Talking (usually to the opposite sex who you find attractive)
by khalid November 11, 2003
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To chat up, flirt with, a memeber of the opposite sex (unless your gay lol)
I'm gonna go chirpse dat girl
by SouthLondonMan November 11, 2006
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