instant is how fast Arthur Mitchell says "shut up cunt" at the dinner table in Dexter
"I am so thankful for you Arthur!"
"shut up cunt"

My god, your response was so instant, I didn't even have time to finish
by meatsim May 21, 2011
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Anyone who gets promoted to a rank above yours when they've only just arrived when you've been in the same job years and you can't see why there more suitable than you. Used when your feeling enbittered.
He's another bloody instant. An instant supervisor just add weeks.
by Geoooooooo March 28, 2005
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A royal pita! That will vote for whoever is on tv the most.
Instant voted for him because she is stuck on the obama network channels.
by Profesor Frank September 4, 2009
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The most cancellable man in the xChiaki1x Server.
Person A: Instant got banned
by Himegi December 28, 2022
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A term used to describe a jackpot of a specified lottery to be over a billion dollars. Hence, the winner of the jackpot will win a billion dollars or more, meaning that they will be added to the Forbes Billionaires List. In a nutshell, their name will instantly be put on Forbes.
"Hey, did you hear that the jackpot is over 1.4 billion dollars today?"

"You bet! That is like Instant Forbes right there!"
by VMECK July 31, 2016
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Applying superglue to your face before going down on some hairy gash, once removed there lie a glorious beard.
She had such poor personal upkeep that I gave her The Instant Hagrid

I was so appreciative that she didn't shave, because I could achieve The Instant Hagrid
by The Aussie Shredder December 27, 2011
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When you perform an action or say something that causes those around you to compulsively perform oral sex upon you.
Dude 1: Hey I just won that League of Legends tournament.
Dude 2: Woah bro that's sick.
Dude 1: Yeah bro, I got an instant blowie too.
by BigFloppa December 19, 2020
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