Something someone does that is an instant turn-off for you, making you instantly hate the idea of being with them romantically.
Friend: Omg did you see (insert name of crush) picking his nose?? That is such an ick.
by sarahchasauce June 18, 2020
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an “ick” is most commonly known as something that’s a turnoff when you have romantic interest in someone.
alternatively, it can be used to describe something that makes you uncomfortable or weirded out by.
“I don’t know man, chest hair is just totally an ick for me.”
“Someone send me an ick list! I seriously don’t want to catch feelings.”
“I love Chowder, but the way they animate the textures gives me a bit of an ick.”
by tobyrose March 8, 2021
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The feeling that you wake up with the morning after a drunken debauchery of an evening. The ick is associated with many things, you acted like an ass, you treated someone like an ass, or you ARE an ass. The most common ick is associated with the poor choice of a hook up (no explanation needed).
My hangover is accompanied by the ick, sorry for my behavior.
by Su May 5, 2004
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something gross, a feminine way of saying "ew".

usage by men: only recommended if you are a homosexual.
Elex: I saw some guy get his penis cut off the other day.
Allie: Ick.
by Allie May 19, 2003
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3 qaurters of a penis
jimmy's penis enlargment had some complications leaving him with an ick
by dolanm56 August 12, 2006
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A combo between sick and ill.
Can be used with adjective nasty to make "ick nasty".
Emaunel- Yo look at my tee!
Patrick- Yeah dude that's ick.
Mathias- Yeah that's ick nasty!
Jared- Not now Mathias, you're a douche.
by "Nor I," said the Goat. March 18, 2008
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I feel terrible, I think I'm coming down with the ick.
by Sigar Cel December 1, 2003
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