its like saying cut it out but when ur too lazy to say the T sound at the end of the word.
(somebody is annoying you)Hey Cut it off josh tichenor ur annoying the shit out of me!
by Mike November 26, 2003
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while peeing in public an event occurs such as a cop or pedestrian driving by, and you are forced to stop in mid-stream by squeezing the penis in order to hault the flow.
Her come the 5-0 son, hurry up and cut it off.
by Peg Leg Pete October 16, 2007
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Your friends will say this to you when they think you should not cuddle with a girl or sleep with her. Cut off your penis. Warning to not be sexual with that girl.
Guy: I'm going to sleep over at Anna's house tonight if you know what I mean.
Bestfriend: Dude just cut it off
penis sex
by Dirtywordz69 May 21, 2016
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when someone cuts you off, for example, you were friends, best friends, then he/ she stops talking to you.
“Why did you cut me off?”
by VscoSkrrSkrr June 22, 2020
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To get rid of someone.

Delete them from your life.
Erase contact with
by Kimora K. December 28, 2016
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When someone drives in front of you or another person, often with little distance left between the two cars.
"Jerry tried cutting someone off so they gave him a little love tap right into the lake"
by crazytexan182 November 30, 2009
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