Any oversized green human being who has temper tantrums and totes bales.
"All this, and I can tote bales too!"--The Hulk, after winning a match in Marvel vs. Capcom
by dj gs68 September 24, 2003
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when a man, before anal or vaginal intercourse, grabs the base of his erect penis in order to make it increase exponentially in size and become extremelly veinier, thus creating maximum damage to either hole
Tyrone is black...he does not need to perform the Hulk...
by anita n. job July 21, 2008
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A big, green guy that women want to ride.
Jane nearly died from vaginal bleeding as a result of having sex with the Hulk.
by ??? July 8, 2003
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an incredible drink composed of Henessey, and (blue) Hypnotic, usually served in a very tall glass. It's green and it's very strong.
I slammed two hulks and got wayy shitty.
by Kat November 20, 2004
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(Or Hulked) Whist having intercourse, flatulate on the women's face, thus turning it green, then penetrate her anus with your fist making her tense and scream.
The Hulk is a very sneaky move that people think is dirty but Jake quite enjoys doing the occasional Hulk
by chrisprestjim June 1, 2012
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When youre hit it from behind and you get pissed, you proceed to hit you’re partner uncontrollably
Damn did you hear David tried the hulk last night
by Bruce Banner(hulk) January 17, 2019
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Most boring movie ever made.
"I'd rather commit suicide than watch this garbage"

"The Hulk should be banned from every nation on earth forever"

by FrodoBagginz September 25, 2008
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