Exceptional actor who brings new meaning to the phrase sex on legs. Star of movies including American History X, Fight Club, The Painted Veil, and The Incredible Hulk, among others. I really shouldn't give him all the credit for why Fight Club was so great, but I will anyway. :D
Edward Norton's awesome, and anyone who doesn't agree should get their eyes stabbed.
by HalSparksbitch July 11, 2008
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A fantastic actor. Is sexy at any age, wearing any style, with or without incredibly beautiful women on his arms. Edward Norton Gained 30 pounds of sheer muscle to play the ever sexy neo-nazi Derek Vinyard in the best Movie ever, American History X. Tends to make an ass out of himself, demanding to have additional cuts of movies made, and to be a part of the writing process. A total babe.
"I'd love to have Edward Norton's filling in my pie!I'd be just like Fairuza Balk!"

"I wish that shower scene in American History X were Longer, Edward Norton has the hottest body I've ever seen!"
by ShaIchLuge June 16, 2008
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The Actor he looks like a different man from different angles. So if you call someone Edward Norton or Ed Norton you are saying they are one who looks different from many angles.
Steve: Hey Paul!
Paul: Yea Steve!
Steve: Your Edward Norton
Paul: Really?
Steve: Yeah you like a model front on but to the side you look old....
by Fight Club BP February 25, 2011
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the best fuckin actor ever. well he doesn't have much of a brain cause the movies he directed sucks but he is the best actor ever. He plays in fight club rounders american history X.
by geatredbird April 19, 2006
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Enormous mamory glands. Sometimes referred to as "Ed & Ken", or "The Nortons"...
Good God...would you look at the Ed & Ken on her!!!
by Arty & Tommy January 26, 2004
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Edward Norton is a term used to define a black male that works as an IT guy at Walmart.
Person 1: Bruh that guy is definitely Edward Norton.
Person 2: Yeah he's got them glasses and looks like a total nerd.
by Geographicator October 13, 2022
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a very werid child who doesnt know what he is ever talking about. he is said to have a severe case of herpes of the butt hole and sifilius.
eww nasty! Isaac edward norton, you got sifilus!
by imacoolperosnn March 25, 2009
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