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In the Star Wars universe Darth Maul was the founder and owner of the Maulmart store chain. Maulmart put many stores out of business.
Jedi 1: "Did you hear about the new Maulmart sale?"

Jedi 2: "No....What kind of sale?"

Jedi 1: "Darth Maul, the founder and owner, is dead and now they are having a "50% off everything in stock" sale at Maulmart"

Jedi 2: "Great! Now I can afford a new lightsaber"

Count Dooku: "Lord Sidious....I have good news. The war has begun"

Sidious: "Everything is going as I have foreseen. Now get the ship ready. They are having a "Half-Off everything in stock" sale at Maulmart"
by FrodoBagginz May 02, 2011
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Justin Bieber movie.

Rated 1.2/10 on IMDB
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that rating on IMDB of Justin Bieber's Never Say Never
by FrodoBagginz May 03, 2011
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Don't be fooled with trickery by businesses.

Made in AMERICA. America is a continent. There is South, Middle and North America. Canada and Mexico are part of America.

So if you see "Made In America" and expect it to have been made in the UNITED STATES it could be misleading.
I support the United States having jobs. That is why I buy "Made In America" products. Last week I found out that my toothbrush, which said Made In America on it, was Made In Mexico. But since Mexico is a part of the American Continent, the company was not lying about where the product was made so I could not sue.
by FrodoBagginz May 04, 2011
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A popular captain from the tv show Deadliest Catch aboard the Alaskan crab fishing boat Cornelia Marie. Phil has two sons that also worked with him aboard the boat, Jake and Josh.

The Cornelia Marie first appeared on the show in the first season during a search of a missing ship. The boat became one of the main boats on the show starting in the second season of the show and has been a popular boat all the way to the recent season 5.

Captain Phil had a stroke and died on February 10th, 2010.

R.I.P. Phil Harris
Phil Harris was the best Captain on Deadliest Catch.
by FrodoBagginz February 10, 2010
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A parody song of Loose Yourself by Eminem sung by Weird Al Yankovic.

Some lyrics:

"My butt is aching
As I watch NASCAR racing
That show about undertaking
Larry King
To "24" to "Law And Order"
The Weather Channel's boring like "60 Minutes"'s ancient reporters
Next up on "E! True Hollywood Story"
The rise and decline of twelve actors named Corey

Shows for next fall, they've already been namin'
"CSI: Boise" and "Touched By An Uncle" both sound pretty lame 'n'
So does "Everybody Tolerates Raymond"
And "King of Queens" jumped the shark the first minute
I can't believe Richard Simmons ain't in it

I'll move right on to "8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenaged Daughter"
Then I bet
I watch "The Bachelorette"
Followed by "Welcome Back, Kotter"
And "The Muppet Show" where they go 'Mahna Mahna'

"You're gonna lose your mind watching TV"
They told me, they'd scold me
But I'd still tune in every show (show)
My cable gets C-SPAN, TV-Land, and HBO
The Disney Channel and A&E and Lifetime (yo)

"You're gonna lose your mind watching TV"
They told me, cajoled me
But I still love Lisa Kudrow (drow)
I'm looking at C-SPAN, TV-Land, and HBO
The Playboy Channel and Court TV and Lifetime (yo)
(You're Gonna)"
Did you hear Weird Al sining "Couch Potato" on the radio last night?
by FrodoBagginz February 11, 2010
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Nuclear Diarrhea occurs when someone releases Explosive Diarrhea and an Explosive Fart at the same time. They both mix together creating a nuclear reaction that releases a monstrous smell that can cause people to collapse and possibly die.
Someone has released nuclear diarrhea in the toilet in a bathroom at Gillette Stadium causing the bathroom to be condemned for the next 10 years.
by FrodoBagginz February 10, 2010
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