Did you see that fumble? Yeah that was goad!
by espo23 December 15, 2010
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Simply a goats chode.....which would be a fat short wang on a goat
Wow check out that fat goad
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Getting "Owned" or "Pwned"

Except without your intention, it's more or less an accidental and unexpected occurrence.
Guy walks down flight of stairs and slips, resulting in him busting his ass the whole way down.

Friend sees this hilarious event happen, and says "Bro, you just got goaded!"
by dj. sonnyv. June 5, 2009
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The area between one's ballsack and anus. Synonomous with grundle and taint.
My goad is a swamp right now.
by BBNB23 March 28, 2015
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none of the other definitions
there is an upper and a lower goad.

dont be rascist, bolt your goad.
is your upper goad bolted or strapped on?
is your lower goad firm and erect?
can i suck your lower goad?
what colour is your upper goad?
is your goad safety pinned?
my mom likes my goad.
by kea September 5, 2007
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Is the unshaven hair that is growing underneath a man's (or woman's) chin/neck that is quite nappy and scruffy looking, or looks as though the person never should have tried to grow hair there. often referred to as a "nasty Goad"
hey Jim, did you happen to see charlies nasty Goad hes got goin on.

that bum sure had a nasty Goad!
by thejohnanator October 20, 2010
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the action of tempting another rider to race on the public roads. Usually results in a "Go to Jail" card.
"honest M'lud, Mr X was goading me with his Firestorm at the time"
by JSP May 17, 2004
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