Getting "Owned" or "Pwned"

Except without your intention, it's more or less an accidental and unexpected occurrence.
Guy walks down flight of stairs and slips, resulting in him busting his ass the whole way down.

Friend sees this hilarious event happen, and says "Bro, you just got goaded!"
by dj. sonnyv. June 5, 2009
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A ball of curdled cum that exits the penis like a kidney stone. Usually followed by searing pain.
Doctor: "Good news you don't have testicular cancer. It's just goad."
by pickledgoad June 19, 2021
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Acronym for GROW OLD ALONE and DIE. A term especially used in online dating, where those who are not getting live dates out of their online dating profiles become more and more desperate, fearing they may become totally dateless and mateless, the dreaded GOAD.
Anxious woman to another: Will you please check my online dating profiles and pictures if I send you the links? Tell me your honest opinion! If I don't start getting some dates, I'm going to end up being a GOAD!!!
by July 3, 2009
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Belittling or Demoralising someone for little or no reason while haveing complete control over them anyway.

Goaded - Past Tense
Derived from the unfair but rad teacher Mr goad.
'Oh fuck, I'm in for a right goading later'
by SWalton November 5, 2007
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To dance in a trance like manner beating both fists simutaneously in the air to homosexual songs such as --- Everybody dance now
he did the Goad...
I saw him Goading it up
by moomoomoo December 11, 2006
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penis.. cock.. wang...pee pee... the one eyed willie... the main vein, even... snake... dork.... ding aling... schlong... tally whacker.... johnso- ... you get the idea! :D
would you like me to enliven your goad?
Dude, she got my goad so hard...
I got skeet all over my goad!
by eTX October 15, 2004
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everything. it isnt the end of anything, it isnt GROW OLD ALONE & DIE. its sunshine on a rainy day. birds chirping. beautiful sweet long lasting forever and ever. you will always be happy with goad. its special. and no matter what you do, dont let it go.
if you're in love, you've met a goad
by dancer6211 August 6, 2011
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