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What happens when someone calls conservatives fascists and racists so much in their trolling that their words begin to run together.
The word rascist has a cult following on the ProtestWarrior forum.

That is a rascist poll.
by Dirigible April 20, 2004
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Twatspeak for racist. See also facist.
Q: Do members feel that the marginalisation of the White race in every Western country is a positive development?

by Lord Grimcock September 04, 2007
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A radical, authoritarian nationalist political ideology with the belief that there are inherent differences in people's traits and capacities that are entirely due to their race, however defined, and that, as a consequence, racial discrimination (i.e. different treatment of those people, both socially and legally) is justified.
A: I really wish people who didn't look like me would at least pretend to behave like me and accept my racial superiority.
B: You are a rascist.
by AdamBaum August 11, 2011
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what you get called if your white, and you say the n word, especially in a non offensive manner, by SOME black people thus making a hypocrite out of themselves.

no im not rascist of any race
white person singing jay-z slash lincoln park's numb/encore: Can i get an encore do you want more one last time niggas make some noise!
Black person: whoa nigga did u just say nigga, nigga?
white person: yeah i guess i did on accident.
Black person: Nigga! Dont eve' say nigga you rascist cracker ass hole white person!

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is when someone of any colour/race/culture think they are superior to race is better than any other wheter u black/white/asian.I feel sorri 4 any1 dats racist coz hate is THOUGHT ur not born with it.Its unfair 2 say all WHITE people are racist(dats racist and prejuduce), because there are racist people of every colour.If sum1 is rascist toward u just brush it off and say well i've got love 4 u. me:i got love for EVERYBODY
REMEMBER: we are not colours, we are PEOPLE! if u like being a hater, and a person of a different race is fightin wit u dont bring in da fact dat somones skin is lighter/darker than yours coz remember its the persons personality u dont like not their colour
by Lisa from Dublin November 26, 2004
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Ok i dont know if rascist is a europeon or british spelling of racist so I will not say anyone here is dumb or retarded.(yet anyway)Anyway we are all racist at heart whether we like to admit it or not.I dont hold it against anyone and I sure hope people will get over it and just accept that we all have had the most offensive statements prepared in our minds if a person offends us. i.e Nigger,Guinea,Wop,Wetback,Spic, etc. P.s I am black and the only reason I didnt rip on whites here is because I couldnt choose my favorite disparaging term for them.(there are sooo many)
Black man thinking"this cracka ass muthafucka better not jump out there or ill beat his fuckin ass".
Black man says:So officer, what did I do?
White cop thinks"This nigger knows exactly what the fuck he did.I should slug him for dicking around with me wasting my time with this bullshit".
White cop says:You were doing 65 in the 55 zone. Liscense and registration sir.Oh Chris Rock I didnt recognize you. I love your comedy.
by zxulu tha big lip bandit December 27, 2004
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what all white people are.

however ther is no such thing as black rascism... see naacp or rap artist under the category of artistic expression or affirmative action
"dude, there's a group of african-americans on the corner, they should get a job"
"yo son, that cracker is always up in our grill about gettin a job, why dont he back up off my grill afore i bust a cap in his taxpayin ass"
by Jimt September 16, 2004
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