goading is a word used to say that an individual is willing to join into an activity
1 - whats going on over there?

2 - bill and mike are shearing a hairy child

1 - well , i'm party to that goading
by duck January 11, 2005
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One who whines/bitches/complains a lot.
Always hungry. Never satisfied. May or may not live with grandma. Will ask you for a bite of your food. At least one person in your group of friends is a certified chode goad. Can be male or female.
"Can I have a bite of your sandwich"
"Fuck you Cory, don't be a chode goad"

"Do you have a few dollars for gas"

"... I don't know man, I'm kinda hungry"

See bum bumpkin fuckboy hoe
by dank_hill January 31, 2016
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Person who pushes your buttons to cause you to have an angry outburst which they then use to show people that you are crazy, have no control or any other negative trait that could be seen.
Usually a gasshole
This goad almost had me blow my shit at walmart
by Ben Tu Dova February 25, 2021
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Something to describe a feeling between good and bad, goad! so a medium feeling, i guess.
"How are you today?"

"Im feeling goad today."
by pxyton.eb January 13, 2021
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Friend 1: Want to go get lunch? Friend 2: Toads my goads dude!
by racergamer February 22, 2015
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