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An older gay man who like young gay bois. In other words, he likes "chicken."
He won't go for you, he's a chicken hawk, and you are 28.
by JSP March 19, 2005
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That special moment when a person really, really, really has to take a dump. It is so bad the shit is poking up like a prairie dog in and out of his hole.
I've got to find a bathroom fast, I'm prairie dogging it.
by JSP March 19, 2005
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the action of tempting another rider to race on the public roads. Usually results in a "Go to Jail" card.
"honest M'lud, Mr X was goading me with his Firestorm at the time"
by JSP May 17, 2004
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Closeted gay man. More than meets the eye.
Don't date him man, he's really a decepticon, with kids.
by JSP March 19, 2005
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To improve your lazy ass! GET UP!
Damn, this person's art skillz is so good I need to ameliorate over his ass.
by JSP July 01, 2003
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