A ‘Porcelain Doll’ was made in the late 1860s. Up to that time, dolls made of porcelain were all referred to as china dolls.
‘That Porcelain Doll Looks Haunted. .’

Rivka Alice is so pale and fragile she looks like a Porcelain Doll’

‘Her Heart Is as fragile as a Porcelain Doll..’
by Porcelaindollxo July 24, 2022
An attractive female who is addicted to cocaine.
I was out and about and met this total hottie. I whipped out a teener and found out she was a total Blow Doll because she was all about ripping lines off my cock!
by FILTH378 September 9, 2010
Thanks Santa!
I really love my Blumpkin Doll!
And the missus is happy too!
by Noel O’Gism December 25, 2020
Creepy-ass antique doll that looks like it will come to life and kill you while you're sleeping. If this thing is in the guest room where you're supposed to sleep, you will *not* be able to fall asleep because you're listening for the tappity tappity of tiny little shoes. Has those creepy eyes that open and shut; one of the eyes is inevitably wonky so it looks like it's winking at you as if to say, "night-night!"

Variation: Stabbity Nana Doll; same thing but with human hair from your dead Nana. Bonus points if said doll has actual human teeth as well.
That stabbity doll I saw on stark. raving. mad. mommy. is the creepiest thing I have seen in the whole history of ever.
by starkravingmadMommy November 16, 2010
A girl who’s dancing and attitude radiates good vibes.
As long as there’s good music we’ll have a great time. We’re all disco dolls.
by discodollxoxo December 28, 2021
An individual so lowly they are raped for sport.
Rudy from the movie "Rudy" was used as a rape doll by the Notre Dame football team because he was such a little talentless bitch.
by Clintorious January 2, 2016