When you don't even make it to first base, you don't even get a kiss.
Teenager 1: How was your date with Donna?
Teenager 2: Only bunting, nothing happened.
by tbrugoa July 19, 2006
"Bunting" is a sexual act between two females in which the women lean backwards and ram their lower torsos (pelvic area and thighs) together repeatedly for sexual satisfaction.
Passerby 1: "What's all that grunting coming from the softball dugout?"

Passerby 2: "I'm not sure, but I think it's a bunch of women bunting like rabbits."
by 1021 June 18, 2011
The act of a man stuffing his penis into a womans anal cavity while she is in missionary possition but it dosent fit all the way..thus creating the image of "bunting" commononly seen in porno flicks
by sausagecakes July 12, 2010
A word combining the words balls and cunt.

When having sex, it is the presence of both the balls in the cunt.
I've put my balls into the womens cunt, together we are bunting!
by bastard1000000000000000 October 8, 2013
A block of time in which a significant amount of work has been completed. Used mainly by hydro one forestry workers
Want to do another bunt, then take break?

That was a pretty good bunt, George.

Man, we just bunted hard. Let's have a fiver.
by Bellows September 2, 2021
The word “bunt” is composed from two words being “cunt” and “belly”. A bunt is when a female of larger weight bears a vagina that is stretched and menuevered to a position that makes it appear as if it were on there belly. This usually occurs after the person of larger weight has birth.
“Yo lol man, that fat bitch has a bunt
“Bro, she’s gonna suffocate you with her bunt”
by Zultar March 3, 2019
When a guy takes his cock and whacks it against a girls tits extremely hard such that makes little red marks on her tits. An expert bunter can make little patterns on the girls tits such as checkers or tic-tac-toe
"Dude, I totally bunted her last night."

"How was it"

"Well, she didnt support the Jewish Nose design on her tits"
by S.P. ermin hermin G. October 27, 2011